The Tale of 5 Friends

This is the tale of 5 friends. On an unusually gloomy day the young colorful sea creatures ventured out for an afternoon of fun adventure. Never could they have guessed the tough obstacle they would soon face on an otherwise normal day.

While stopping for a lunch they came face to face with a creature they had never before seen.


“Oh a giant!”, the friends said, “What should we do?”


With some quick maneuvering they got in a defensive formation.


Before they knew it the giant struck.


With her powerful hands she scooped up Crabby. She acted so fast he didn’t have time to flee.


“Oh no” peeped Crabby’s friends, “What do we do now?”


The giant put Crabby down and set her sights on a new target.


She quickly worked her way through the group, one creature after the other.

Then Pelly the Pelican had an idea! He yawned big and wide and lay down to go to sleep.


Then something happened. They saw the giant get sad and heard her cry out.

“It’s working!” Pelly said to her friends. “When giants like this are upset they can’t resist a good nap!”


So Crabby, Denny, Octo, and Toots all began yawning and snoring to make the giant think they were sleeping.


Then they watched as the giant rubbed her eyes and laid down her head.

After a few moments of the giant not moving they made their escape back home.


When the giant awoke from her nap she couldn’t find her new playmates anywhere.


She watched from the window and awaited the return of her five little sea friends.
While sad at first that they had left she knew deep in her little belly that she would see them again one day.

3 Thoughts on “The Tale of 5 Friends

  1. Fantastic story telling Cassie! LOVED it!!

  2. Oooo…I love story time!

  3. This is better than any Little Golden Book that I ever read! Brilliant Watson!

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