A DIY Yoda Costume

When Stephen and I first got married he told me that when we had children one day he wanted our child to be Yoda for Halloween. He wanted to dress him/her up and proudly walk around with her on his shoulders. Well, I think I surprised him this year when that is exactly what I planned for our first Halloween..

I’m gonna share my quick, cheap, and very easy Baby Yoda tutorial with you.

First: Gather your pieces

I got the pants and onesie from Goodwill and my mom had the felt in her craft stock pile.

[ These next 3 steps are how to dye your white onesie if you can’t find a green/brown one ]

Heat a pot of water
(I used a tea kettle)

Add some teabags and let them stew so the water darkens


Grab your onesie and place it in the pot
You will then leave your onesie in the pot and let it soak until you get the color you like

(while the onesie was dying I moved on to the next article of clothing)


Get your felt out and cut it into a cloak form
I eye balled this step, it was a risky move but Sarah was napping and I wasn’t waking her for measurements!


– I folded the piece in half (make the fold on top at the shoulders)
– Then I cut up the center and created a small neck opening
– Then I cut down from the side/shoulders for sleeves and angled the ends
(I later made the angle less obvious)
– Cut up the underarm and down the sides to fit your child’s width


Sew your edges to get fray-less seams
(the last thing my baby needed were strings to pull and eat)


Don’t forget to get your onesie out of the pot. To ‘seal’ in the color you should rinse it in cold water in the sink and then throw it in the dryer to lock the color in.

Last step, try it on your little one to make sure it fits :)

End result = one cute Yoda!


When I first started searching for ideas on how to make a DIY Yoda tutorial this was the one I liked most. I altered mine for my own needs and I hope you like the end result as much as we did.

How’s that for a quick and super easy tutorial?! I used a curtain tie for her belt, and cut the feet & hands out of felt and attached them to the cloak and pants. Can’t have a lifelike Yoda without some 3-fingered appendages!

Total cost= $2.40

The last and most important piece, the hat, was made by my friend Ashley. She did such a great job :)

I can’t wait to see what we come up with next Halloween!



2 Thoughts on “A DIY Yoda Costume

  1. I truly am/was impressed with your first Halloween… I only hope we can be as creative…

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