A few things Sarah loves…
•Being tickled
•Throwing and Chasing objects that roll
•Being Outside
•Playing with daddy
•Bath/Splash Time
•Mirrors ( like her uncle Matt ;) )
•Watching animals
•Going on Walks
•Long necklaces & Dangly earrings
•Sitting and playing in grass
•Toys she can stand at to play with
•Being an Airplane (aka: playing with daddy)



5 Thoughts on “Currently

  1. Tiffani on November 17, 2011 at 2:39 pm said:

    How can you stand that precious face?! My gracious!

  2. HA! Well, much like me, she has a REASON to look into the mirror… She gets lost in her own eyes, those mesmerizing orbs of fantasy…

    I on the other hand, have guns…

  3. that face…. the absolute cutest thing.

  4. My what a proud Gma I am, and mom. You all have reasons to have a friendship with a mirror. She is so sweet.

  5. So, I am officially going to bring a ball to church on Sunday so me and Sarah can play ‘catch’. :D She’s just so dang beautiful…

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