Pricey Upkeep

This weekend my laptop battery died. Actually that isn’t entirely accurate, let me be more specific. My laptop charger died, therefore my battery ran all the way down and is currently out of [apple] juice.

Here is what happened to it:


Ya, those 2 pieces are supposed to be connected.
So, while we search/save for the $79.99 price of a new Macbook Pro charger, posts will be a bit spread out. I’m making this post from my phone. What would have taken 2 minutes (top) on my laptop has taken me almost 10 minutes on here (what?!? I’m still getting used to touch screen typing (auto correct is NOT my friend) ).

Hope everyone is having a great week!


2 Thoughts on “Pricey Upkeep

  1. I know how you feel! When my laptop broke a while back, I could only get online when I was at my grandma’s house!

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