On The Move

I dedicate this late night post to my friend Sara. She has requested a video of Sarah crawling, so here ya go… Enjoy!


I don’t know why I talk weird during videos… just ignore me ;)

This video was probably from a month ago. She has gotten a lot faster and exploratory since then. I will have to post a newer video soon for ya :)


4 Thoughts on “On The Move

  1. Loved this!!! Of course, you gotta be careful once finished watching it though… I thought I was clicking on another crawling video and it wasn’t my granddaughter NOR my dil!! :)
    BTW… Loved the applesauce one too!!
    Love you all

  2. my favorite part….”nope….. yyyyyyyyep” :)

    don’t know if it’s just my computer, but the video wouldn’t work on your site, i had to go to youtube to view it…

  3. ahhhhhhh thank you!!! she is soooo cute!! :) And crawling up the steps? My word she is truckin!!

  4. so cute. there are not words enough to describe.

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