Small Improvements

About 2 months back I went with my mom to a home liquidators store because she was in search of a bathroom sink. While there I spotted something I’ve been looking for; a floating shelf. Not only was it the same color as our kitchen cabinets, but it was also on clearance for $15! I immediately snatched it up. To top off the experience the shelf rang up for $12. Double score!!

Fast forward 2 months later and the shelf was sitting in the kitchen still waiting for a wall to hang on. I know, it’s a sad visual. Well on Monday my mom came over to see the little lady and we finally got one of my kitchen walls decorated! It’s amazing the work you can get done with an extra pair of hands!

Let me start by showing you what the kitchen looked like when we first moved in.



The much different after


I’m pretty happy with the results. Here it is from the view in the den.




Looking at this picture actually makes me aware that we need to paint some walls up in this house! Sarah’s nursery is the only room that has been painted since we moved in (which is coming up on 2 years soon!)

I figured it was high time I shared a recent project. Hope you like it :)


2 Thoughts on “Small Improvements

  1. Nicole McKenzie on October 12, 2011 at 9:06 am said:

    Good job on getting the shelf up! You did way better than Brandon and I did!!

  2. What did you do with the other table? You didn’t happen to mention anything in your post about the before and after having completely different furniture…

    Dodo brains…

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