Parks & Rec

No, this post isn’t about Amy Poehler’s show, just a clever and accurate title for one of my recent adventures with Sarah.

My friend Whitney told us about a library in town that has story time for kids. Not only that, but they also just built an awesome new playground. We haven’t been to story time yet, but we did visit the library to try out it’s incredible park. Let me tell you, this place lived up to the hype! Not only are there activities for the kids, but there’s also a walking track, water fountains, benches, and a nice sized gazebo for some shade.

Sarah and I hung out at this one swing for probably half an hour. She loved it. I had to put a blanket over the swing because she decided she wanted to eat it, which is nas-ty!


The skies were gorgeous! So blue with nice fluffy clouds. I can’t wait until the day when we can lay on a blanket and pick out cloud animals.


She held onto the sides of the swing like a pro. Our girl was made for movement! It felt like she just rolled over for the first time. Now she’s quickly learned to sit, balance, and play all on her own.



We then had a fun last minute surprise when Stephen came to the park and met us for lunch. Sarah lights up so much when she sees her daddy. I love it :)




I love this picture. She is such a special gift!


Here’s a short video of our afternoon :)

A Day at the Park from the ringls on Vimeo.


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  1. Man I can’t wait to get her and Graycie together in a park!

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