Mommies Age

This week Sarah and I are the same age! Welllll, I guess she’s actually 26 years and 25 weeks behind me, but the number is the same ;)

It’s getting harder to take Sarah’s weekly photos since she’s gotten so wiggly and prefers sitting to laying down. Thankfully her smile never stops. This girl seriously lights up our lives.


Feet patty cake anyone?!



I didn’t realize until 1/2 way through our photo shoot that Sarah was facing the wrong way on the blanket. This last picture was one of the few I got where her name is the same direction as she is.

You’d think I’d notice something like that… but turns out details are the first to go when you have a baby. Like wearing two different earrings. That’s normal right?! Just watch, I’m sure it’s gonne be the next trend. Like skinny jeans and the iPhone, only cheaper because you can mismatch the pairs you already own  ;)


2 Thoughts on “Mommies Age

  1. And I thought only monkeys could do things like that with their feet… Sarah summoned her inner chimp for that one :)

  2. I believe the word I was going for there was *channeling*, not summoning…

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