In-between Nap Times

On Saturday I got together with my friend Nicole to work on a fun house project. Now that I think about it it’s more of an outside-the-house item, but I will probably steal it from our front door and use it inside as well…

Last week my mom, Sarah, Nicole, and I met up at Jo-Anns to search for some needed items. Our list consisted of: yarn, felt, and any decorative items we liked. Let me tell ya this, having my mom with us made the trip go SO quick! I forgot what it was like to shop without having to entertain a baby. Although her desire to eat my yarn and touch everything was really cute to watch :)

I spent just under $4 for all my supplies and here is the breakdown of what we did…


A piece of foam Plumbing Pipe Cover + Masking Tape
(aka: a super cheap wreath)


The nitty gritty wrapping process


1 hour later


Felt colors: White, Plum, & Grey


Here’s one of my buds with a button


Buttons, anyone?


My felt flowers


The final product
Here it is next to the front door


A nice little closeup shot

(the wreath looks caddywampus and thinner on the botton,
but that’s just my great photography skills. It’s the same width all the way around)


I still have to find my wreath hook so I can hopefully hang it on the door. I’m also going to use the [.98 cent] letter “R” I got from Hobby Lobby and hang it in the middle. Gotta appreciate fun DIY projects you find online.

Speaking of, on Monday my friend Whitney and her daughter Bella came over for a little while. One of the first things Whitney asked me was if I’d heard of the website Pinterest. It totally cracked me up because that is where we got this DIY Wreath idea. It was the only reason I was able to show Whitney how to make rosettes for her hair, since I had JUST finished doing some myself. Gotta love the interwebs and all it’s tutorial goodness :)

Anybody else working on some fun projects?! Fall is around the corner and I can hardly wait. Oh cooler weather, please grace us with your presence sooner than later. I’m ready for some bonfires and pumpkin spice doughnuts.




2 Thoughts on “In-between Nap Times

  1. Lovely! Darlin, you did a great job!

  2. Nicole McKenzie on September 15, 2011 at 2:04 pm said:

    It looks great! I finally finished wrapping my white one but it’s so lopsided I decided to put it away for awhile and I possibly pick it back up later :)

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