To start I have a confession to make… My name is Cassie and I never accessorize. Let me be a little more detailed for you:
[If] I wear earrings they are almost always simple silver studs.
Necklaces are worn, but pretty much only at weddings or when I’m feeling sassy.
I wear my wedding band, but not always my engagement ring (it only takes scratching your baby once to learn that lesson).
Can I count a hair tie as a bracelet?!? If so I am a wrist-accessorizing pro!

On Saturday I got together with my friend Nicole for a craft day (that project will be coming soon). While playing around with some felt she taught me how to make a flower. I feel like a pro right now with my new found cutting-circles-and-making-a-pretty-flower skillz. After I got home I decided to try making more flowers, but this time out of cotton. I grabbed some old t-shirts that I never wear and cut some strips out of them. Shortly after that the hot glue gun killed over and I continued on with super glue. Ya gotta work with what ya got, people.

Here is what I ended up with…

aqua shirt and an old white t-shirt


And some more pretties


oh the difference a phone and regular camera make…
(this one is from my camera, believe it or not)


On Sunday I grabbed a bobbie pin and used a sweet white flower to pull my bangs back.


These 3 are because I just can’t help myself. She is such a hoot :)

I didn’t know my nose crinkled. Interesting…

I love the POP the flower adds :)

She loves to copy our mouth actions!


Nothing like a successful project weekend. I’m actually pretty proud of myself for finally doing a project that I found on

There ya have it friends. This could be the start to a whole new method of hair styling. Barrettes are a form of accessorizing, right?! If not, I give up.


5 Thoughts on “Accessorizing

  1. Love them. They do add a nice accent to your pretty face. Now, Sarah, she rocks even more next to you, both smiles light up my life. You and Stephen are awesome parents. Love you! : )

  2. Oh man! I love those fabric rosettes! Can I get a lesson? I’m not very good at accessorizing either, but I love the barrette!

  3. Nicole McKenzie on September 12, 2011 at 8:25 am said:

    Yay for Pinterest and yay for flower accessories for your hair! Glad I could pass my flower making and pinning ideas on!

  4. Bravo on accessorizing… The only accessorizing I do is bbq stains on my shirt…

  5. I love them! I have been meaning to make some myself because I need to snaz up the hair before I get the weird urg to cut it all off. You are such a beautiful person inside and out and I miss you friend.

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