What I’ve Learned: 6 Months

  1. You know you are a mom when you ask your child “Why are you crying? I’m the one that got poop on me!”
  2. Our little girl isn’t a fan of rice cereal. I decided to try a little and discovered why… that stuff is nasty! We are going to try adding some mushed fruits. It’s like oatmeal or yogurt; plain is gross, but flavored with fruits, yummy!
  3. When you have a child time switches to warp-speed. We are already 1/2 way to having a 1 year old!
  4. Toes are still just as fascinating as they were the first time Sarah discovered them. In the mouth they go.
  5. Now that Sarah sits on her own she has a whole new view of things, and she ALWAYS notices when I leave the room.
  6. Sarah HATES being put in her car seat, unless it’s while in her jogging stroller. It seems she is a little like me after all, she LOVES going on our jogs and walks :)
  7. Within the past month Sarah has learned A TON of new things:
    1. sitting on her own
    2. walking with assistance
    3. pulling herself up
    4. sitting/riding on her daddy’s shoulders
    5. chewing on a spoon while rice cereal dribbles down her chin
    6. holding a cup to her mouth, properly, (while empty of course)
    7. mumble-talking like CRAZY
    8. blowing drool with her tongue
    9. grabbing anything within a 4 foot range…
    10. AND then eating it!
    11. she is scooting, mainly in circles, but scooting none the less
  8. Sarah absolutely loves bath time. We need a neighbor with a pool so we can play in the water all day!
  9. You know what happens when size 2 diapers are too small and size 3 are too big?! Ya know what, I’ll let you find out for yourself one day ;)
  10. Sarah’s first beach trip was post-poned due to Tropical Storm Lee. Crazy rain and 40 mph winds during labor day “bbq” weekend made for some change of plans.
  11. We are starting baby food this month (Yay!!)
  12. A babies smile can melt my heart in a second. The same goes for tears.
  13. While smiles turn me into goo, snuggling with a newborn makes my ovaries tingle. Ohh how I love sweet cuddly infants!
  14. No, we don’t know if/when we want another baby {the idea of 2 babies under age 2 is down right frightening}

That’s all I have for this past month. If you’ve missed any of my previous monthly discoveries check them out:

Seeing Sarah’s growth in those pictures shocked me when I clicked on all of them… wow, she is growing fast!

And if you are bored and want to do some light reading, these were especially fun to re-read (in my slanted opinion)…

Wow, I’ve really done a lot of in-depth baby posts. I think it’s time for some fun new projects. I know the idea of a post that isn’t Sarah-centered seems impossible for me these days, but I think I can make it happen ;)


and finally an ‘end’ shot to finish. yes, I am most definitely that corny.

8 Thoughts on “What I’ve Learned: 6 Months

  1. nooooo six months….tooooo big…. :(

  2. And I love you in all your corniness! I laughed out loud at the “ovaries tingle” part – haha! Thanks for sharing these updates. It doesn’t seem possible for her to be halfway to a year, which reminds me of another time you made such a statement. ;) She’s so beautiful, and I’m glad I get to watch her grow!

  3. Nicole McKenzie on September 8, 2011 at 7:45 am said:

    You tell me the project and I’ll be there!! I really want to make a wreath for the door and I’m definitely going to go to Home Depot to buy the $.97 plumbing foam instead of a foam wreath. Wanna make one with me???

  4. Wow…BLUE…. that’s all I see…her EYES…so beautiful!! I love you Sarah!! Thank you Cassie & Stephen. I know you can’t think of another at this moment but you two get awesome results.

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