4-Teen Weeks

Another week has passed and our little girl is 1 week older. If time is flying this fast now I can’t imagine how much it’s going to continue to speed up.



Here are a few new things that Sarah has picked up. First off, she is drooling like crazy. Since she’s started sucking on her fingers it’s like she’s got an endless river of drool flowing freely. While it can be messy, it’s absolutely adorable to see her grin real big and then have her lips all wet, it’s almost like a free, no-apply needed, lip gloss. Only she’s 14 weeks and not allowed to wear lip gloss… or makeup, until she’s 30! No boyfriends either, for that matter  ;)

She has also started talking up a storm. While no words are actually coming out, her coo’s are adorable. It’s like she’s having a conversation with us. I love it!

Every.Single.Time Sarah sees the camera she goes completely expressionless. She will be smiling and laughing up a storm, but as soon as she spots a camera her eyes glaze over and her mouth goes straight. Here are a few more pictures of our 14 week old, which will show you exactly what I’m talking about…

Blank Face Beauty


At least she makes good eye contact

I promise she smiles and has more than that 1 expression. She loves to share it in person, it’s just capturing it on film that has proven to be difficult. Hopefully Week 15 will prove to be different.


2 Thoughts on “4-Teen Weeks

  1. Nicole on June 16, 2011 at 2:05 pm said:

    She is getting so big!!!!! Time does fly by so take in every moment!!

  2. Matt on June 16, 2011 at 9:33 pm said:

    30?! Boy are you lenient… Graycie isn’t even allowed out of the house til she’s 35 (then I MIGHT consider letting her meet a boy).

    I love that you continue the same poses with the same seahorse in each shot… Shows the growth perfectly… Stealing that one for myself down the road.

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