All the Way from Texas

One of the things I love most about holidays, graduations, and weddings is that people come into town that have moved away. Most recently are our friends Kelly and Brian. They moved to Texas a few years ago and I absolutely LOVE when I get to visit with them. Kelly, Brian, and I graduated in the same class (although Brian went to a different school), and then we all moved to Tallahassee to attend FSU. The both of them stayed and graduated, while I was only there 1 semester. I’ve often thought that if Kelly and I had roomed together at FSU I would have stayed, but God had different plans for me and they didn’t involve staying in Tallahassee. Heck, if I hadn’t left FSU and gone to Troy State, and then decided to move back to Pensacola to finish school, I never would have met Stephen. I love how God’s plans are always so much bigger and  better than our own, it just takes listening to Him and following a path that sometimes we aren’t sure about.

Well this past week Kelly’s little bro, Nick, graduated high school. It’s weird to imagine him graduating because he was in elementary school when we graduated… time sure has flown by! It was so great seeing them both, even if it was only for a short visit. I got to go and visit them and see their house when we visited Houston last July. One of the things I love most is that we always pick right up as if no time has passed. I secretly pray that God will move them back to the Panhandle/East coast, preferably Pensacola, but I’ll take anything that is closer than an 8-hour drive!

Here’s Kelly and Brian with Sarah :)


Kel is a natural ;)


It’s always so exciting when people come into town. Now if only I could work it out to where we all lived in the same town…!


3 Thoughts on “All the Way from Texas

  1. Matt on June 15, 2011 at 6:49 pm said:

    Kelly was a sweetheart. I guess she still is though.

  2. Kelly on June 30, 2011 at 5:58 am said:

    It was so great getting to visit with you. Living with you at fsu would have been so much fun! :) I miss you so very much. I’ll keep dreaming about my fairytale of you, me, and Melissa living next door to each other one of these days. :) love you!

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