What I’ve Learned: 3 Months Old

Sarah at 3 Months Old

1. If you don’t trim a babies nails every other day they get as sharp as razors. Not fun on the skin. Ouch!

2. 3 months has brought a new habit known as ‘Sarah wants to put everything in her mouth’. It’s SO funny to watch and hear her ‘slurping’ on her fingers.

3. I can not thank Sarah enough that she has chosen to start sleeping through the night. It’s.been.awesome! 9PM bedtime and she sleeps until either 3 (gets up to eat) or 6’ish. Getting between 4 solid hours has changed my life!

4. I realize we are totally blessed, and thank the Lord, for #3. I didn’t know you could give a 2-3 month old a bedtime, but you can, and you totally should if at all possible.

5. For some crazy reason babies fight naps. I don’t understand it, I would take a nap at ANY opportunity, but I guess that goes to show that we always want the opposite of what we can have.

6. Sarah has become very observant. She LOVES to stare and watch us. Occasionally I dance around to make her giggle, she loves anything with motion. It is SO much fun!

7. I didn’t know it until it happened, but I am that mom that gets CRAZY happy about every small new thing. Seeing our baby roll over for the first time was the most exciting, clap-filled, high-pitched congratulating moment we’ve ever had!

8. Sarah has started discovering she can use her hands. She loves to suck on them, grab my hair, and touch things. To free my hands to write this post I crinkled a receipt, for the noise factor, and handed it to her to keep her entertained. It worked for like 5 seconds…

9. We traveled to the lake house a few weeks ago and Sarah did amazing. Seems like we have a decent traveler.

10. Jogging strollers ROCK. We got one from Target that had great reviews (that was not too cheap and not too expensive) and it has been SO wonderful to get outside. On our walks we visit the cows that live down the road. We enjoy listening to them moo. I can’t wait until I say ‘Sarah, what noise does a cow make?” and she replies “Moooo!” :)

11. Our little girl loves bath time. We’ve moved it from the sink to the tub and from daytime to nighttime. She loves the warm water and I love all the smiles she gives me. It’s a win-win!

12. I just tried giving her the receipt again. She’s holding it… nope, never mind, she could care less. It seems being held and walked around is the only thing she wants (which is true a lot of days!)

13. These facts are about a baby, so some items involve ‘lady baby talk’. I have a love-hate relationship with breastfeeding. It is the best nutrition for her, and there is the added bonus that is costs $0.00. However, sometimes Sarah is not the best eater. She is impatient and sometimes wants NOTHING to do with me during food-time. The most important thing during breastfeeding is to relax, but when your child is crying and swinging her arms, relaxing is anything but possible. It’s mentally and physically exhausting, but I’m pushing forward. Each month I say “awesome, we made it, now lets make 1 more month.” I want to BF for a year, please join me in praying that we can make it!

14. Sarah loves to stand. Her legs have gotten crazy strong, and when she locks those knees she can stand for as long as we can help her balance.

15. Hearing your baby laugh can cheer any mood!

16. It’s taken me 3 months to figure it out, but I have discovered that the only way Sarah will let me cook is if she is in her swing right next to me. She has let me cook the past week or so and it’s been awesome. It also helps if I have music playing.

17. One of my favorite things is when we hear Sarah on the monitor and lay her in our bed while she stretches and smiles.

18. Staying organized with a baby seems impossible, but I’m determined to make it happen.

19. Sarah is going to have a cousin sometime in the next 2 months and I CAN’T wait! I’m ready to hold and kiss my sweet niece.

20. Babies eyes can change color, but I’m really hoping our girl gets to keep her baby blues…


5 Thoughts on “What I’ve Learned: 3 Months Old

  1. Cousin Epoo on June 10, 2011 at 1:40 pm said:

    Breastfeeding will get easier! I can’t remember exactly when everything totally came together but it eventually did. I nursed Bryce till he turned 1. He did have some formula supplementation when supply went down after I had to start pumping at work but ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

    You can do it!!!!

  2. Matt on June 10, 2011 at 6:29 pm said:

    You have learned more in the last year than I think you learned in your lifetime… I can’t wait for the published version… And I can’t WAIT to throw Graycie and Sarah in a room together!

    Graycie & Sarah
    Sarah & Graycie
    They sound like best bud cuzzins already :)

  3. Hey kids, we need to add some more cousins to the Klan.

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