The Cry Room

Our family has been to church together a few times now and overall Sarah has done really well. Sarah and I go to the youth sunday school with Stephen, and after that we go to the worship center for the service. Stephen sits upstairs to run sound in the sound booth, so it’s usually just me and Sarah hanging out.

Our little girl usually likes to nap through the morning. The first Sunday she slept the entire time while I sat in the pew. This past Sunday we visited the ‘cry room’ about half way through the service. It’s a space the church has setup just outside the back doors. It is so convenient and useful. They have a changing table, rocking chair, and crib. It’s a great spot where I can go and sit to comfort or feed Sarah and still hear the sermon through the broadcast tv they have in the room.

This past Sunday I decided to snap a picture of me and my girl on my phone. I am still learning how to take a ‘self portrait’ with my phone, but this is what I got.


Actually, this is just one of the 10 or so pictures I snapped. I’m an expert at taking blurry and off-centered photos with my phone. I’m just glad this one worked, and Sarah is actually looking at the camera. Silly girl.

You can see the crib next to me and the rocker behind me. I’m so thankful that our church has this space available. It’s comforting for a mom to be able to escape for a little while when her baby needs some quiet time.


4 Thoughts on “The Cry Room

  1. Matt on June 8, 2011 at 3:20 pm said:

    Unrelated to the nature of the post, however I noticed a pattern… This, like every single one of the other blog entries, are all labeled under the ‘Awesomeness’ heading… What’s it like to have a life so awesome that everything is awesome?

    • Cassie on June 8, 2011 at 5:36 pm said:

      What can I say, life rocks! That was actually the first ‘category’ I made when we started the website and I can’t help but click it every time :)

  2. Matt, the “awesomeness” refers to that spectacular bib. . . :)

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