A Great Sunday

This past Sunday made for a lovely change in the Ringl house, Sarah and I finally made it to church. I was a little worried because I didn’t know how she would act or how we would handle feeding her, but she did wonderfully.

Stephen was INCREDIBLY excited about showing off his little girl and dressed her in a beautiful blue dress (while I scrambled around getting her diaper bag packed and finding a dress that fit me). We took her to the youth sunday school that Stephen leads, and let some of the girls hold her. That is where Stephen snapped this picture on his phone…



Sarah pretty much slept the whole time (she’s a big morning napper). Our friend Kim came to speak during our ‘Missions Moment’, so I was really glad I was there to support her. I also found out that there is another new mom named Jennifer at our church. Her little girl is a month younger than Sarah, and it’s been real nice to chat with her in the cry room that we have right outside the worship center.

Overall, our first weekend back was fantastic and I could not be more pleased. I definitely did learn that holding your baby in the cradle position through an entire service makes for a numb and tired arm. I guess I’m building some great muscles :)


One Thought on “A Great Sunday

  1. Matt on May 26, 2011 at 9:29 am said:

    There seems to be some strange tape monster reaching for Sarah’s behind… You may want to stay away from that room from now on…

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