My Mommy Must-Haves

It doesn’t take long to learn what you need, and don’t need, after having a baby for a few weeks.

Here are a few things that we absolutely could not have survived without, and some that have just been helpful along the way…



1) The Miracle Blanket. We didn’t have this blanket when we first had Sarah. I was talking to my friend Whitney about how our little girl must be a decedent of Houdini because of her skills to escape the swaddling blanket, and she recommended we try this blanket. We went to their house and her hubby, Jeremy, showed us how to wrap the baby in it. It looks like a straight jacket for babies. Despite it’s looks it has become our saving grace, as far as increasing Sarah’s sleeping time. When she can’t get her arms out she doesn’t accidentally wake herself up, which means more sleep time for her (and for me!!). It’s definitely a must-have in my book!!

2) The Swing. There is no better way for me to get things done, and for Sarah to sit or nap contently, than a baby swing. These things are magic! Ours has the rocker, music, and a vibrating option. It’s great! Seriously, the only time I get to nap at times is when she is in that swing, thinking that I’m rocking or walking with her. Our girl likes motion, and this thing gives it to her without mom or dad having to walk the halls all day and night.

3) Bouncy Seat. We rotate between the swing and the bouncy seat all the time. If she doesn’t want to swing we try the bouncer, and more times than not she goes for it. The bouncy seat has the vibrating tool, which babies LOVE!

4) Pacifier w/ Clip. If you use a pacifier, which we do, this thing is amazing! Babies drop their pacifiers constantly, and it is so great to not have to pick the thing up off the floor, go clean it, and bring it back. This simple tool keeps the pacifier within 6 inches of her body when she purposefully, or accidentally, drops it.

5) Boppy. This thing is perfect for a nursing mom. You just lay the baby across the pillow and your arms are mostly free. It’s also great for napping. Sarah falls asleep in it constantly, especially right after she eats.

6) A Good Camera. Seriously… I don’t feel like I have to say much about this must-have. Babies are adorable, so snap all the pictures you can because every day they are changing and growing! Capture every moment you can.

7) iPhone App: Baby Log. Cost = $0.00, which is a great deal in my opinion! This beautiful app that I keep on my phone has made it SO easy to keep up with Sarah’s feedings. So often I forget what time she last ate, or what side she ate from and this app helps me remember. A great tool in my opinion. Gotta love technology!

8) Diaper Cream. Sarah hasn’t had much of a problem with diaper rash (knock on wood). However, the few times she has had some pinkish on her tushy we just apply some of this cream and the spots are gone that day. Pretty great.

9) Medela Breast Pump. Not sure what all to say about this. If you are preparing to leave the house it’s always nice to have some milk prepared. More recently we have found it super helpful from my visit to the ER and my Gallbladder surgery. Both times I couldn’t nurse for 24hrs or more, and if  the baby can’t nurse you have to pump-n-dump to keep your supply up. If you are a guy and you are still reading this section I’m surprised, good work ;)

10) Diaper Champ. When we first had Sarah I wasn’t sure if we were going to keep the diaper trashcan. We decided to try just using walmart bags, and taking the smelly diapers to the trash right away. Well, after a few days we discovered that was next to impossible. After you change a diaper it isn’t always possible to take the smelly thing outside, so it sits in the room. A few poopy diapers can smell the whole stinking house up! Stephen made the decision for us that we would put the diaper champ to use and we haven’t regretted it one bit. We really like this brand over all the others because you can use any trash bag with it. We use the same bags for our kitchen trash, so we don’t have to spend extra, or search for something specific. Win-Win-Win!

Well, those are my Top 10 must-haves. There are a few more that I wouldn’t want to do without that I didn’t find appropriate to post a picture of. Here is a tiny list of those things:  {warning if your a dude, you may wanna skip this section}

11) Nursing Bras and Nursing Tanktops. No brand in particular, mine are from Target and they work great! I will say to grab more than one because babies are messy eaters and no one wants to smell like soured milk.

12) Pads. In case you didn’t know, after you have a baby you have the longest period of your life. You’ll want to invest in some comfortable pads to help take care of all that business.

13) I’m just gonna say it: stool softeners. There, I said it, it’s out there, take it or leave it (but my advise is to take it!)

14) Comfortable Undies. Now’s not the time to sport your pretty panties or tiny thongs. You just had a baby ladies, things are gonna be a little different down there for a few weeks. So do yourself  a favor and before you go to the hospital pick yourself up some comfy cotton under thangs.


There you have it. If you are fixing to have a baby, or plan on having one (or multiple) I hope you find this list helpful.

I’d love to hear some of you veterans opinions. All you moms out there drop me some of your favorites, it could be something I haven’t discovered and would love to try!

Hope you enjoyed my list :)


8 Thoughts on “My Mommy Must-Haves

  1. Mom Ringl on May 10, 2011 at 6:43 pm said:

    Definitely a most awesome list of must haves!!

  2. Matt on May 11, 2011 at 5:58 am said:

    You know what I would find entertaining? A Must-Haves for Men from the other Ringl… That could potentially provide for some laughs or smiles…

    I will certainly take everything you have mentioned above under my wing… MOST of those things we already have :)

    I’ve always heard a nice hard bottle of whiskey can work wonders on a baby too! ;) kidding of course

  3. i want to post on your newer post – but it won’t let me :( so I’ll post on here…

    you still will have to come along when we register some day. i think having an already-mom along will make things mucho easier.

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