Life has been a bit hectic the past few days, and Sarah has kept me crazy busy, so I figured that instead of not posting at all I would just give you a few highlights of my Wednesday.

My morning cuddle bug


Ignoring the fact that I have a double-chin in this picture, I love this photo. Sarah loves to cuddle after she eats, and I take advantage of every second she gives me. I realized yesterday that if I were working my “maternity leave” would be ending this week and I’d have to head to work on Monday… I can not thank the Lord, and my husband, enough that that won’t be the case. I can’t imagine having to leave my little girl this soon.

Also, I love that Sarah has some rolls forming on her little body. Rolls and chubby cheeks! Not only are they kissably adorable, but it also gives me peace of mind that she is getting the amount of food she needs (mom’s worry a lot about that sorta thing).

I’m sure you can tell from pictures that, if I had the choice, I would probably never dress my baby. When we leave the house, yes of course, but otherwise I love having her in just a diaper. Her skin is so precious and soft, and she tends to enjoy herself more this way (more proof that she is her father’s daughter!)  I have to admit, I can not wait for the days when she is running around the house butt naked trying to escape bath time, or us putting her to bed. Babies are adorable!

My new favorite thing


While this isn’t the best or clearest photo (my phone takes crappy pictures), it is the first snapshot I’ve gotten of Sarah flashing her beautiful smile. This weekend she started responding to us with smiles, and it seriously LIGHTS up my world. This is just a snippet of her full grin, but it’s the best I’ve got so far.

So there you have it, 2 of the fun moments from a Wednesday at the Ringls.

Simply put: Parenthood is amazing!


4 Thoughts on “Wednesday

  1. This is way better than trying to see the smile on my phone… Can’t wait to see her smile for me LIVE!

  2. Nicole on April 15, 2011 at 1:56 pm said:

    She is adorable and you look great girl!! Enjoy all the cuddles because once she is Josiah’s age they don’t slow down long enough to cuddle much!! :)

  3. Whitney on April 17, 2011 at 3:12 pm said:

    I just love seeing your blog updates!!! She is growing so fast! Let’s hang out very soon! =)

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