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When I posted the Nursery Reveal for you I told you I would show you the process of some of the projects. With the surprise of our little girl arriving a week early it has taken me a while to get some of these “transformations” ready for your viewing.

The first before-after project I’m going to share with you is the wall shelf that I gave a nice update. Here’s a little reminder of what it looks like in the nursery.

Since the picture I have re-arranged some of the things on the shelf, but it looks close to the same as the picture. Instead of the pink birdie handing I switched it out for Sarah’s 1st swimsuit (which is absolutely Adorable)! And the turtle on the shelf got moved to the floor as the door stopper. Moving on…

This is what the shelf looked like for the past 20 years, hanging in my brother’s bedroom.


A nice lovely dose of pine wood

I considered painting it a few different colors to add some POP to the nursery, but decided having all white furniture and then 1 piece with color would probably throw off the balance.

Thankfully I had some white paint that my mom let me have from when they painted their kitchen cabinets. Actually, I don’t even know why I was considering a different color when I had free paint on hand?!?!


the during process

One afternoon when my energy level was at a nice high I grabbed a sheet, the shelf, my sander and some paint. I sanded the shelf down with some 120 grit sandpaper, just to remove some of the glossy veneer. After some sanding I wiped it down and started applying coats of paint. Mid-painting I considered leaving the piece like this:

Giving it a bit of a shabby-chic look. Then I decided to just go the whole way and made it freshly white, with no lines or wood grain showing through.

Thankfully we had some crazy awesome weather in February this year, so the sun dried the paint in record timing. I think it took me 2 hours to do the entire project, dry time included.

There ya have it, a simple DIY project completed in no time at all.

Total cost of this project:  $0.00
We already had the dirty sheet to paint on, the brush and roller I used, the shelf was a hand-me-down, and the paint was from a used bucket.

You gotta love a free makeover :)


2 Thoughts on “New From Old

  1. super cute! i love it =)

  2. pays to be nifty doesn’t it.

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