The Birth Story: Part 1

After two weeks of doctor visits and showing no change on the hopeful arrival of baby Ringl I was convinced that we were going to hit the due date, pass it, and then have to be induced on the last possible day allowed. I was incredibly scared and nervous at the idea of being induced. To induce labor they use a drug called Pitocin. I have read many horror stories about it, as well as had conversations with friends about having gone through a Pitocin-induced delivery. Pitocin is used to start and increase uterine contractions. It isn’t a gradual drug, like with natural labor you gradually get increasing contractions as you dilate. Not so with inducement, it is an all-at-once, major pain filled, contractions are brought on every 60-90 seconds for as long as it takes, kind of delivery. For someone that wanted to have a natural childbirth Pitocin is not  your friend.

We had an appointment on March 3rd and I was the same as the week before. Sitting at 2cm dilated, which can last for weeks, I was discouraged that we hadn’t made any advancement. I discovered that the end of pregnancy is a lot like the beginning. Time seems to stop. The last two weeks seriously felt like 6 months. It was like I was living that scene in tv shows and movies when a kid watches the clock in class and it slows down to where you can literally hear each tick-tock  crawl by. We were ready. I was ready. We wanted to meet our little girl and finally hold her in our arms.

The next day, Friday the 4th, our friend Shaw had come into town for a bachelor party weekend in his honor. My mom and sister in law, Kelley, had come over to keep me company. We went on a walk. They were joking with me that I was walking crazy fast trying to get this baby out. While that was partially true, I also informed them that when you have 40 extra pounds of weight on your body the lbs and momentum just push you forward. We went on two solid power walks. I was willing to try anything to get this baby moving. I was already adding hot sauce to everything I ate, and had now added walking to my regiment. That night my friend Nicole came over while the guys had the party at her and her husbands house. We baked some cookies and watched a movie. It was a nice relaxing night. I woke up Saturday morning and decided to make us pancakes. I don’t remember the last time we had them, and Stephen loves ’em, so I decided I should do so while we still had a weekend to ourselves. Later that morning we decided to take a nap. A great Saturday activity in my book. When I woke up I had a backache, which wasn’t surprising since sleeping comfortably while pregnant was way in the past. I decided to take a hot shower because heat helps with back pain. A while after my shower my back was still hurting. I knew I must have really over-done it on those walks yesterday.

It was now 3:30. My back was hurting. Hurting worse than before my shower. Worse than “I over did it on my walk yesterday”. This was a completely new pain to me. Could I be in labor? No, of course not. Our precious baby had decided she was going to stay inside her warm cocoon as long as physically possible. Would I even know if I were in labor? I sure thought so, but I hadn’t had any braxton-hicks during my entire pregnancy. Maybe that’s what this is. Yes, of course, I’m experiencing fake-labor pains. Those were the thoughts I had within a 1-minute span. You can’t leave pregnant women alone with their thoughts, we are a crazy breed of people.

It was 3:32, it was time to wake Stephen up. I was leaning over the end of the bed, trying to relieve the pressure, when Stephen woke up. We decided I should walk around to see if the pain subsided. I was hopeful, but it didn’t work. I got on the computer and google’d “how do I know if I’m in labor?” Yes, I typed the question mark too, Stephen made fun of me for that. I took a few “how to know” quizzes and they weren’t helpful. Since I was just having pain in my back it seemed I was experiencing false labor. We decided to wait it out until 6:00. If the pain didn’t go away we would go to the hospital just to get checked out. Stephen had plans at 7 to meet up with the guys, and the hospital was on the way if this kept up.


18 Thoughts on “The Birth Story: Part 1

  1. Awww sweetheart, I feel cheated, I want the REST OF THE STORY! Even though I have heard most of it, I haven’t heard the nitty gritty details like above. Now I have to wait for your next POST. ; (

  2. I can’t believe I posted before Matt. Amazing.

  3. Mom Ringl on March 16, 2011 at 11:01 pm said:

    Oh Man….!!! Where’s the rest of the story?? I was just settling in for a good read and its over!!!

  4. amanda on March 17, 2011 at 7:55 am said:

    I agree with your Mom..i need the rest, I like the details!!!

  5. Cousin Epoo on March 17, 2011 at 9:20 am said:

    More, more!! Don’t leave me hanging like this! LOL!

    Sounds like you got to experience the dreaded back labor!

    Can’t wait to hear the rest.

  6. You were in back labor!!

    Sorry, am I jumping ahead? You’re teasing us with a “what I learned” post too. We want to rest of the story! ;)

  7. Back Labor?! Man, I gotta start reading those books again…

    I love that your belly ‘carried you forward’ on the walks…

    Now seriously, everyone is intrigued Hot Shot, give us Part Deux…

    Get it? Get it?

  8. Winning

  9. Lindsey Romero on March 18, 2011 at 10:55 pm said:

    Congratulations, Cassie on your sweet baby girl. She is so precious! I’m so glad you posted this and I can’t wait to read the rest. It’s making me excited to go through it all again…as crazy as that sounds! Haha.
    I had back labor when Evie was born. Not fun! I was also induced and it was really tough doing it naturally, but I guess on the plus side it made for shorter labor and delivery. You’re right, the contractions come at you like a freight train and don’t let up! I’m so glad you got to experience what it’s like to actually go into labor and I hope I get to find out what that’s like this time around!!

    Like I said, I can’t wait to read the rest! Congrats again on your little miracle. We will keep the three of you in our prayers!

    • Cassie on March 23, 2011 at 8:37 am said:

      Thanks Lindsey :) I know you are counting down until you get to meet baby boy Romero! Can’t wait to see pictures

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