Finally a Foyer

With this recent change in my energy level I have been getting a lot done around the house. My mom says it’s “nesting”, and if that’s true I wish I could buy it in a bottle for the other 360 days of the year! With the nursery completed I have been getting the house swept, scrubbed, vacuumed, and de-cluttered as much as possible. I’m pretty sure I’ve done more in this past week than the past 9 months!

One project I have been wanting to complete since we moved in is the foyer. We don’t have a ‘formal foyer’ or anything like that, our 1970’s ranch home has more of a “walk straight into the living room” layout to it. But because the man who flipped our house closed in the garage and moved the living room there, we have what I call an “entry room”. I have no idea what to do with it. We have the piano in there, and a rug. It’s actually pretty bare and sad when I stop and think about it. But I now feel that it’s “openness” will come in handy these next few months as we have a baby moving in and taking up any empty space. So ignoring the overall entry-room not being decorated, I did finally setup and designate our official entry way.

Here are some shots of our latest and greatest home improvement.

Here is the Entry Before:


The white dresser is a recent addition. My friend Amanda let me use it for the nursery, but it didn’t fit because of the small space we had available. We moved it out to the foyer and I really liked it’s placement. Next step was to make it look like an actual setup, and not just a temporary furniture spot (I usually have my Goodwill pile stashed there, so it was a good change!)

Here is the AFTER:


The space provides a nice landing zone for keys, and the drawers will be awesome for baby-storage (baby items of course, not our actual child). I know I would really like a pop of color on the walls, it would really liven up the house, but that is much further down on the to-do list.

What do you think? The space has been used for far too many temporary things to make for a nice feel when you enter the house. Imagine walking in and there are 2 bikes right in front of your walkway. Or most commonly a pile of boxes that were needing to be taken to the recycle bins. I think this is a definite upgrade!

Anyone else working on some home projects? I love a good before & after!!


2 Thoughts on “Finally a Foyer

  1. Nicole McKenzie on March 4, 2011 at 4:56 pm said:

    You are on a roll!! Now you just hang up the Stage Right posters and you’ll be set. HA!

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