The Nursery Reveal

After a lot of work we have finally completed our biggest house project so far. I’ve shown you several posts along the way, but I’m excited to finally present the finished product. Without further ado, Sarah’s Nursery!

Here is the Before:


Here we go with a picture-full post of the big baby-room transformation:

(Sorry the lighting isn’t the best, I’m still learning how to pick the best time of day for this room.)

Next up is an angle from if you are standing next to the crib. You can see the open-faced closet & future sitting/nap area.


This is the view from the closet wall. I think it does a decent job of showing the small amount of space we had to work with. The room is 10 x 9, so it’s nice and snug. I think everything fits just right. Not too crowded and not under-used either.


Here is the completed closet. We moved the rack up higher so that there would be ample storage/stacking space on top of the dresser, but enough room to stash things up top as well. Right now it’s hosting the Bumbo, an embroidered ‘Sarah’ tote bag, and a recycle bag that I will probably find use for real quick.

We removed the door from the closet because I didn’t like the idea of having to open and shut it multiple times per day, especially if my arms are full with 1) a baby, 2) laundry, and/or 3) both. Removing the door was simple. I painted the inside of the closet one day while Stephen was at work, and the dresser fit inside perfectly. I had originally planned on hanging a curtain in front of the closet (a matching one to the window), but decided I like how open it makes the room feel. Who knew removing a simple door could make such a big difference.


All 3 drawers are currently packed full of clothes aging from infant-6 months. Once she grows out of those I have a box stored under the crib with larger sizes. The bottom drawer is actually a holding place for shoes, hair bands, socks, and bibs. Laundry is fixing to get crazy!.

Some of the frames above the glider…





These are the two outfits hanging on the wall next to the crib. I got the onesie for Stephen for Christmas, and our friend/realtor that sold us our house got us that cute little dress from Hawaii.


This will be Sarah’s view, once she can sit up and stand on her own.


If she has any desire to look up at the hanging lanters and cute Nature print, this is what she’ll see…(minus the shiny flash on the wall print).


I scored these “outside” lanters on clearance at Target for like $4. I had a gift card so they actually didn’t cost me a dime. I really like what they add to the room. They remind me of a combination of scenes from Fern Gully, LOTR (in Lothlórien), and living in the trees like in Swiss Family Robinson. I think I may have a thing for living in the outdoors…


This is a shelf that was my younger brother Jason’s all throughout childhood. He recently got married and after moving into a new apartment he decided he didn’t want it. I quickly snatched it up and painted it white. I’ll actually have a post up about it’s crazy color change next week :)



I love this cute calendar I got from my friend Kelly. She did a perfect job at picking it out because it carries the ‘feel’ I was going for with the room. A whimsical nature scene, if you can follow that idea. I love animals, soft colors, and more recently the feel of walking into a purple-walled bedroom. It’s amazing how a baby can change your idea’s on color.


Right here we have our little door holder. Isn’t he sweet? He actually probably needs a bath. I got him from a yard sale for $0.25

Last here is the exit. You can see we have the diaper bag packed and ready. It has actually made a move from the nursery to near the front door, and in the car if we are going out (just in case). We like to be prepared!


Well that sums up our nursery makeover. For now on when people visit they will be next door in the new-guest -bedroom-that-was-once-the-office. It’s bigger with more closet space and more windows, so I guess you could say it’s a nice little upgrade.

So what do you think? I hope the pictures do the room justice. It’s hard getting good angles when you are propping you 38-week pregnant belly in tiny corners with a camera.

We are done people. Sarah can arrive at any time and will have a place to eat, sleep, poop, and whatever else babies do.






27 Thoughts on “The Nursery Reveal

  1. So, I’m sitting in class and I figured this would be a better use of my time!!! I LOVE it and I LOVE you and baby Sarah!!! You guys did a fabulous job. Miss you. Can’t wait to see you!

  2. Heather Summerford on February 25, 2011 at 6:20 pm said:

    Oh it’s so pretty! I love the lavender and all the cute little details! You did such a great job! It looks like a room you’d want to spend a lot of time in…which is a good thing since you’ll be rocking your little girl in that chair many a night! :) Congratulations on your upcoming arrival!

  3. I LOVE your fun pictures! I have to know your favorite antique store…I’ll need some new stuff after the move (or that’s going to be my excuse to buy things)… :)

  4. Mary Granger on February 26, 2011 at 12:32 am said:


  5. Cassie you did an awesome job. That little girl is never going to want to leave her room! Party in sarah’s crib:)

  6. you guys did an awesome job!! I love it!!!

  7. Wow, Cas….Sarah’s room looks amazing!! It’s soo warm and cozy. She will love being in there. Love it. :)

  8. it looks incredible! =) we’re ready for you little Sare–Bear

  9. Bra to the Vo… Room looks great sis :) You both did a fantastic job… Lot of hard work definitely paid off… HOWEVER…

    Isn’t the dresser in the closet supposed to have a mural of Uncle Matt’s muscles so that ‘Sare-Bear’ can watch me flex when the drawers are opened? *ahem*

  10. hahaha.

    and don’t you be making fun of her nickname. that’s serious stuff right there.

  11. I love it! The paper lanterns are adorable! She’s going to love it!

  12. Cassie, the nursery looks fantastic! I would not normally think of a purple room as being “soothing,” but that’s exactly what this is! It is perfect for a sweet baby girl. I love it – awesome job!

    PS- I also love how you made this room individualized and special. It is and looks totally custom!

    • Cassie on March 2, 2011 at 7:51 pm said:

      Thank you so much Joanna :) I have really enjoyed reading your site and watching sweet Brant grow, along with awesome home projects!

  13. Rebekah on March 5, 2011 at 2:56 am said:

    Looks so great! (You should know that this post spurred me to start on Addie’s room. It’s a blast!) Can’t wait for our girls to meet!

    • Cassie on March 12, 2011 at 2:31 pm said:

      I know Addie’s nursery is going to be amazing! I can’t wait for Sarah to use her play pad, it’ll give me the cutest pictures!! Can’t wait for a play date :D

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