A New Accomplishment

I accomplished something new today. I, Cassie Ringl, baked bread from scratch. Not only did I bake bread, but it actually tasted better than it smelled!

I have to admit this wasn’t my first try. This was my 3rd go-around with a bread recipe, the only difference is this one worked. It took 5 days for the starter to prepare itself and become bake-ready. I’ve discovered that one of the reasons Sourdough Bread is so amazing is because of the patience you have to practice while waiting for it. Then again, I’ve never made it before and still thought it was amazing, so… I guess it’s delicious either way.

Here’s my ‘baking station’ with the laptop open for step-by-step instructions:



That’s the dough after I let it rise overnight:


Knead the dough for a few minutes:


Split the dough in half and place in bread pans:


Let the dough double in size
(mine took about 3 hours)


Then bake & drool as you smell the aroma of fresh bread wafting through your home


Here’s the link to the website for the starter and recipe. You should check it out and try it. Trust me!

Makes me wish I lived in a small town where bread was baked fresh everyday and you could smell it when you walked to work in the morning, or visited the market. Wait a second, I don’t have to wish that… I can make it come true in my own home! I am so excited, feeling like a real ‘homemaker’ right now :)



11 Thoughts on “A New Accomplishment

  1. Nicole on February 2, 2011 at 3:13 pm said:

    Oh my goodness that looks delicious!!!!! I doubt I can make it but I might try! :)

    • I can confirm its deliciousness.

      Butter swiftly melted on the still warm center as the bread danced upon my taste buds as if to say “Yes! Abandon all your worry and care and partake in my flavorful goodness!”

      So I had another slice.

    • Cassie on February 2, 2011 at 6:50 pm said:

      It’s totally worth trying! The website looks like a lot of instructions, but it’s really easy since the first 5 days are just stirring the starter :)

  2. Suds (Think about it) on February 2, 2011 at 5:57 pm said:

    I went to the website and saw your the last comment on the page :) Feel free to bring some over to your good friends, the McKenzies!

  3. … and yet again… mmmmmmm… just, mmmmmm…

  4. Suds (Think about it) on February 2, 2011 at 9:47 pm said:

    YES Please!!

  5. Your bread looks great! I am so glad you are enjoying it! Thank you for linking people to my recipe, I appreciate it!

    Jill from oursevendwarfs.com

  6. YUM!! I love fresh baked bread! I’m so going to have to try this Cassie!!! :)

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