Color Splash

I’m proud to announce that we have successfully completed Task #2 for the nursery: Painting. After color deliberation, and  a few samples, we decided to paint the nursery a light purple.

We started our paint color decision making one Sunday when we went and looked at all the color strips. I’m pretty sure Stephen’s “decision making” was more of a ‘go with what Cassie says’ process. Clever guy.

While I was deciding between all the different greens, yellows, tans, I finally ended on the good in-between: purple. It’s a girl color, but not too too girly (since I’m not a girly girl myself, and I’ll probably be the main adult in that room between 8pm – 6am, that mattered).We decided on a few samples and took them home to try ’em out. We painted each wall with a big stripe and let it sit for a few days. While at first I wasn’t a fan of the ‘lets wait a few days before deciding’, I’m SO glad we did. Seeing the colors in the different lighting between dawn and dusk & bright and overcast, made a HUGE difference in the color we chose. One day we were laying on the nursery floor talking, and when looking at the walls and we both stated that we liked the same color. That made things real easy! We actually went with the sample color that Stephen chose: Twilight Pearl. Even the name is sweet and soft.

With our decision made we bought the paint and watched the color transform the space from a room to our little girls nursery. It’s amazing what paint can do!

One Saturday when Stephen was out with our church youth group I finished it off by painting the inside of the closet. Yes, I painted the closet and it actually made a big difference in the feel of the room. Since we took the closet door off the different colors broke up the flow of the walls.

Let me show you the Closet Makeover.

Closet Before:


(see what I mean)


The Color-Splashed After
(it’s the same color, it was still drying at this point)


What do you think? It actually was the perfect space to finish off the gallon of paint we had. Awesome Bonus: now I don’t have to store an ‘almost empty’ paint can in our house!

Now we just have to put up the closet organizer and start hanging clothes! Is it March yet??  :)



6 Thoughts on “Color Splash

  1. The best part of this, was the picture in my head of you two both lying in the middle of the room on the floor looking around at all 4 walls… That’s sappy romantic novel stuff right there…

  2. matt – the sappy romantic?


    =) beautiful room. can’t wait to be there playing with her!

  3. I think Twilight Pearl is the color that Edward and Bella paint their baby’s room in the latest movie.

  4. I agree with Matt’s statement. Precious. I just adore how much you love that little girl already. I can’t wait to meet her in March. :) And she is going to love that beautiful room of hers.

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