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I decided on an additional project that should help keep our nursery makeover on the thrifty side. With some motivation from online tutorials, and the help of my sewing machine, I am going to make the bedding for Sarah’s crib. I don’t yet have the crib/mattress, so I can’t start yet, but I have been browsing a few craft stores for the fabric I’d like to use.

Here are my top contenders:

I like the playfulness of the leaves & polkadot

How cute is this swirly print?
While I like it I don’t know if it’ll go well with the purple walls…

I think I may have a thing for leaves…

This one is my absolute FAVORITE
I especially like the blue & green hues that are mixed in

These were all the ones I liked best

When I google “baby bedding” there are an endless amount of pages to view, it’s strangely overwhelming. Heck, I don’t even know how many different pieces are required for bedding… are bumpers good or bad? Is a crib skirt necessary?  Are there 2 mattresses, a boxspring and mattress, or is it just one?!  I think I have more researching to do…

On the bright side, I found myself a lovely 40% off coupon to use at Jo-Anns, so that should help keep the cost down even more! What do you think? I love hearing other peoples thoughts & opinions.


3 Thoughts on “Baby Bedding

  1. Well, this is where my advice is stunted… Umm, my instinct would be to go for the one that you already declared your “absolute FAVORITE”, but then, what do I know about baby cribs?

    What does a vegan zombie eat?


  2. I like the first two kinda mixed together. Maybe one as a fitted sheet and the other as a skirt. :) They are cute, lady-like, and kiddish but not overly girly and obnoxiously loud. And I also love your absolute favorite. Would it look good with a white crib?

    Do you want to make my sheets too? Our only pair was put in the wash with a nice black pen. :(

    Love youuuu!!

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