Cool Weather Fun

Last night we had the joy of attending our first bonfire of the season. It was warm, delicious, and relaxing, which in my opinion is a great way to end a Monday! We went over to our friends Brandon & Krista’s house and got to enjoy the fire-pit they recently built. We started the night with some grilled hotdogs, which I haven’t had in forever! There’s something about hotdogs next to a fire that makes the world seem right, ya know what I mean? Plus, living out in the “country” means we get to see when the stars are beaming when the sky is clear, like last night. We also got to listen to an owl that has moved into the Henry’s neighborhood. He was a hooter too, it’s as if he was carrying on a conversation with us – probably telling us to be quiet because we were scaring away his food.

Stephen has been talking about building a good sized fire-pit in our backyard, so it was nice to see one that someone has made (cost free!!)

One for me & one for Sarah ;)


When I was at the store this week I picked up a bag of marshmallows “just in case”, and I’m glad I did so. They came in handy after those hotdogs!

Toasty & Delicious

The guys picked out some sticks for us to use. I can only eat so many marshmallows without a s’more involved. I definitely added graham crackers & chocolate to the grocery list, you know, just in case :)

finger-licking good


Just thinking about those hotdogs & the smell of that cool night air makes me ready for round 2. I love fall and winter!



4 Thoughts on “Cool Weather Fun

  1. Mmmmm…. Smores….

    Was one of those a chili dog? Looked like there was some chili on top… Chili over the fire? Did you dare? Or was that just an insane amount of thick ketchup?

    • Cassie on November 9, 2010 at 5:25 pm said:

      One was ketchup & mustard, the other was in fact a delicious chili dog!! I agree, I’ve now got s’mores on the brain!

  2. That does look delicious. Matt had chil dogs last night too, just not over a bonfire like y’all did. I have a firepit if you want it.

  3. Smores will be had this Thanksgiving on Lake Martin. Don’t miss it.

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