Step 1 of a Nursery

To begin the exciting adventure of turning our junk room, I mean guest room, into the nursery, I decided to tackle the first task: Empty everything out!  While this should have been an easy task, since the room was our designated guest room, it wasn’t so simple. Somehow over the past 8-9 months Stephen and I had this unspoken mutual agreement that we could put anything we weren’t using into the “guest room” because we keep the door & vent closed when it’s not hosting friends or family. The last time we had visitors was in May, and we had built up quite a collection of junk in a few short months. Yesterday, with my mom’s help, we tackled the first step and got this room cleared out.

After a few solid trips of filling the car with stuff I decided we should just donate to my parent’s church, the room was looking good. While we aren’t going to start decorating until we know if we’re having a boy or girl, it’s nice to know that the room is ready and waiting for a great paint job and some furniture additions.

Sadly I forgot to take a before picture. If you really wanted to get an idea of the “before” I could show you a picture of what the office looks like now. However, I won’t blow your mind with that current tragedy, especially since the “office” is now being converted into the guest room! We have so many exciting projects that I can now tackle since I’m at home and not gone from 7-6 most days!

Now, so you can have a visual of what the beginning stage looks like, here is the nursery as of October 1st !



My mom made this sweet little setup by arranging all the items we’ve received and putting them out for display. With the help of friends and family we are slowly building a fun collection for baby Ringl :)


3 Thoughts on “Step 1 of a Nursery

  1. what did you do to my room?!?!

  2. cassie on October 1, 2010 at 3:16 pm said:

    Matt – I made it BIGGER by moving it 1 room over! ;)

  3. awww- i can’t wait to get planning! :) we’re gonna make that little one an incredible room!

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