Pancakes & Friends

Hello all. Surprise, I’m alive. I know you must be thrilled after my sudden disappearance, which I’m calling a temporary sabbatical.

Well I am back, and I have an update for you to read and enjoy.

This past weekend we had a friend come and visit us. Her name is Kim, Stephen and I met her at UWF. We have some great memories from our “college years”, and it’s always a blast when we get together. Yes, I just referred to my college years in the past tense, since, well, that was a few years ago now… ya, time flies.

We arranged for Kim to come by Saturday morning just around time for brunch. I may have had ulterior motives in setting up the time frame because some of our most delicious memories are hanging out with Kim and her making her amazing from-scratch pancakes. She uses all fresh ingredients, even the eggs come straight from her parents chickens!  I had never had real syrup until having pancakes with Kim, and Stephen and I have been hooked ever since. It’s amazing and delicious when your syrup has only 1 ingredient: Maple Syrup.

Here’s Kim making up a batch on our griddle.



here’s a better look at the goods:


imagine those stacked & covered in butter and syrup… sooo good!


Before she left we grabbed a group shot. What did we do before camera’s with timers?!?!



There ya have it. There’s a brief peek into our weekend. We also celebrated my little brother’s 25th Birthday with some delicious BBQ wings and cookie cake. I don’t know about you, but we had a delicious stomach-filling weekend here on the coast.

3 Thoughts on “Pancakes & Friends

  1. Mom Ringl on August 18, 2010 at 9:01 pm said:

    Mmm tummy filling pancakes… Mmmm!

  2. i want pancakes…

  3. is… is it really you… am i still asleep and dreaming… can it be….

    i dare not think it…

    i do dare think of pancakes this weekend…

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