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Cassie has let me know that my absence from our website is inexcusable. Also she reminds me of this nearly every day by sighing and saying, “I really need to update the website.” Then after a short pause, “It sure has been a while since you’ve updated the website.”

I pretend not to notice and go back to looking at funny pictures of cats.

But the time has finally come for me to concede and contribute to what is our website.

The trouble is deciding what to write about. In keeping with the overall spirit of the site I decided that I would make something with a “how-to” and “do it on the cheap” flair to it. So I’ll be covering what I know best: computers.

So consider this a teaser. Monday through Friday next week is computer week. Tips, tricks, ways to save money, programs to use, and anything and everything that I consider helpful that I can fit into the space of a week.

I’ve got a couple topics planned, but I also want to get your input on what you’re curious about. So leave a comment below with a question or two and I’ll do my best to address everything I can.


4 Thoughts on “My contribution

  1. Well HELLO there Stephen, great to see you on here. Here’s a BIG question. How do I get the address book on my mini to dad’s address book on his laptop? I know I’ll be able to come up with another question by tomorrow.

  2. ringl on July 29, 2010 at 7:24 am said:

    File > Import and Export is the menu item you want.

  3. Matt on July 29, 2010 at 3:02 pm said:

    1) What’s this ‘world wide web’ I keep hearing about?
    2) What are all these ‘F’ keys on top of my keyboard for? Is the keyboard just subtly cursing out the digits 1-12?
    3) Is it true that EVERYTHING I have ever looked at on my computer is still in here somewhere? And if so, how can I best hide all my XXX Animal Planet videos?
    4) Can you please provide an in-depth analysis with bullet points and cross referencing detailing why Apple is BETTER than PC?
    5) What’s up with Justin Long? Movies or commercials, take your pic dude…
    6) Is there currently any research taking place on how to INCREASE your sperm count while having your laptop in your lap?
    7) Is George Sr. hiding all the evidence in the banana stand or in his computer?
    8) How can I turn my computer into a death ray?

    I have so much more… But… Well… Done…

  4. What do I need to play all of our cd’s through the car radio (i-pod or mp3 or what) without having to use the cd player ( and having to find a spot for 100 cd’s in the car)? And how do I get the cd’s recorded onto whatever device(s) I need?

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