A Before & After

How was everyone’s weekend? Wonderful I hope :)

We were able to tackle a project we have had on our list since we moved in. We finally got to work on our backyard!

Since Spring it has turned into a bit of a jungle out back, and the last thing we want are our neighbors thinking we’re “those people on the street” that don’t know how to use a mower or hedge clippers.  So we went ahead and took care of that.

Here are some photo’s to give you a better idea:


Our lovely yard (and this was the beginning of June)



Most recently:

We have a little “jungle” issue on our premises

Now, for the weekend-work-filled after photo’s…


We have ground!


and even more ground!!


Also, I think I found OJ’s glove with a broken golf club:


hopefully they don’t need that glove for evidence because it got thrown into the burn pile we’ve started:


just don’t look behind the burn pile… we’ve only tackled the front 1/3 of the backyard
(what?! we have a really big yard!)

So what did everyone else do this weekend?   Only 4 more days until the weekend ;)

4 Thoughts on “A Before & After

  1. Wow, I can not believe the difference. You guys must have worked your tails off!! Congrats. Find any dead bodies?

  2. I see a bonfire and smore’s in the making! We happen to have a fire-pit that could be yours for the price of a fantastic dinner together at the Ringl’s.

  3. that looks AWESOME!!! want to come help me out this weekend? ours is about… 3 or 4 feet high in the backyard….

  4. OH MY WORD!!! That looks so great! Good Job!

    We need to have a bon fire…but not until august :)

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