Life’s a Flash

Each day, month and year it seems like life goes by faster than ever. I can remember my 1st semester of college, and then before I knew it I was graduating after several years of pursuing my passion in Social Work.

Somewhere in that timeline I met Stephen, and unexpectedly fell in love. Then 2 years flew by and he asked me to marry him. Then, less than 4 months later we were married. Now it’s 2010, I have been out of high school for 8 years, married for over 2 years and am now a homeowner. Where does the time go?

I know where it went, and I have been happily enjoying the ride along the way. It just makes me reflect back, which is always enjoyable.

As of this past weekend all of my siblings are married and on their own (congrats mom and dad)!  My cousins Kim and Lindsey are engaged to be married (and they’re sisters!!), and my cousin Mark is marrying a total sweetheart, Becca, next year.

While Stephen and I have been planting our ‘roots’, per-say, here in the Panhandle on FL, we have had many friends move on to bigger and better things across the nation. Their choices have led to us meeting some wonderful and amazing people and building friendships that I know will last forever.

It has really been a quick and crazy year for us. My Papa had several intensive surgeries between January and April and after months of prayer he is now happily healing back at his home on Lake Martin. My good friend Melissa just completed her 1st year of law school and I’m proud and excited that she has an internship close by for the summer. My youngest sister is close to completing her Master’s Degree (which BLOWS my mind), and my youngest cousin is now done with his 1st year of college. I guess it’s just weird to look around and realize that I am no longer a child, teenager, or college student, I am an adult, and actually have been for a few years. Is that a weird realization for most people to finally see!?!?

I have been able to watch Stephen’s family do amazing things in the past 2 years. His sister and her husband accepted Christ, which we have been praying about for years. His mom continues to amaze me in her walk with the Lord. His dad recently went across the world to Makati to lead job training.  Thinking about that takes me back to when I first met Stephen and he went to Indonesia with a relief team after the Tsunami. Was that really over 5 years ago?

I suppose I am in a bit of a reflective mood today. It just amazes me to look back and see how much has happened in my life, Stephen’s life, and our families lives. It has been a wonderful journey, and I’m looking forward to what’s ahead.

A few things that I am specifically excited about:  Greer Family Reunion the 1st weekend of June!  Trip to Houston in July!  Kim, Mark and Lindsey’s Weddings (they always make great family get togethers!) The plans we have for our house, and whatever else pops up along the way!

Life is so precious, and each day should be cherished. I know we aren’t promised tomorrow, or even tonight for that matter, so be sure to kiss your loved ones goodnight, and if you have been meaning to call someone then do it, don’t wait another day. Life is a blessing, and I hope I don’t ever forget that.

3 Thoughts on “Life’s a Flash

  1. Reflecting on the recent years is like a flassshhhh!
    It has happened so fast. I am thrilled about all the things you mentioned and more. God has been so good to us. Each day is a gift and I thank him for every blessing. I love you both!

  2. aunt vicci on May 21, 2010 at 11:41 am said:

    Wow you have missed your calling girl you need to be writing for a christian magazine !!!

  3. the reuinion is the 3rd weekend in june.

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