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This is our first Spring having a yard and it’s been fun dreaming up idea’s of what we would like our property to look like.  I was really excited at the prospect of having my own veggie garden out back, but because planting season has kind of passed for most of the items we wanted to grow that will be #1 on our list next year. We just ran out of time to work on the area where we want the garden (that and the extra cold winter may have kept me hibernating indoors…).  While we still plan on trying out a few healthy items out back there is much to be done!

When we bought our home it had just been flipped by a contractor. The old and yuck was ripped out and the new and nice was put in. We were more than happy to enjoy someone else’s hard work on the retro 1970’s look it had going on!  While there is still much to be done, I’m pleased that the indoors are clean and neat, but outside, outside is a completely different story…

I got out there yesterday to trim some stuff down and discovered a few things: 1) It’s officially mosquito season!  2) The previous owners setup an area to play horseshoes  3) My husband does not like the outdoors anywhere near as much as me, and 4) Weeds roots run really deep in the ground!

Now, instead of thinking of all the hard work that is yet to be done, we’re gonna look at pretty pictures instead :)


Fun  Potting Bench
image found at CentsationalGirl.com


This backyard looks like a vacation spot!


I love Hydrangeas



This looks almost do-able…


Planters Boxes!!!


This is just lovely!  Yes please


This looks like something from Swiss Family Robinson, love it!


I’ve shared with you guys before about my hopes for a great DIY potting bench.  Well that is just one of the many things that will look great in our yard.

After work I went by one of our local Farmers Markets and walked through their garden area. It was so relaxing. Kind of like how our yard will be {one day}.

3 Thoughts on “Our Outdoors

  1. It is never too late to plant tomatoes. You have a garden patch box (or can get one from us) so get at it!! When I visit I want fresh home grown tomato sandwiches.

  2. Lovely, lovely pictures. Gave me a relaxing feeling just looking at them. Now, I remember how big your yard is and what condition it is in. I’m going to go back and look at the pictures for a while. Yes, that feels good. LOL.

  3. You definitely have an eye for FINDING the inspiration… Now get to work yo!

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