Spring Looks

I was browsing through some websites today and found these great spring shots.

It’s so inspiring when I find pictures that… inspire me!  hah

images from Country Living, Martha Stewart,


If I had that many windows in my kitchen I would do the same thing! I love that corner setup. I can see myself having breakfast there with some coffee, or maybe some orange juice if I’m feeling spunky!

That pantry is amazing. I have been switching over all our containers to glass for a while now, and that chalkboard door is so fun!

By now you know I love blue. That bedside table, yes please!

The last picture would be so fun in the kitchen! I am a big fan of  iron, it has a strong but sensitive feel to it. Can a metal have a feel?!  If not it does now :)   I can see my coffee and tea containers with a few mugs sitting delicately on that setup.

Now I want some crumb cake…

3 Thoughts on “Spring Looks

  1. How bout a Krispy Creme Donut with Cofficino. OH YEAH

  2. Anything that ends with the words “Martha Stewart” cant be good… Therefore I boycott this last entry into the Ringl blog…

    *Down with Martha! Down with Martha!* (picketing)

  3. While I may not agree with her ethics, the woman knows how to decorate!

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