Wedding tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the day!

My little sister is getting married tomorrow! Expect pictures to go up soon after!

For those of you who can’t be there, you’ll notice that there is a new page on the site. Click the link that says, “Valerie’s Wedding” to be taken to the page with the video feed. The wedding starts at 4:00PM Central Standard Time. So be sure to get there a little early so you don’t miss anything! Also, you may want to check the page now to assure that you can see the videos!

Also, here is a little guide on how to use the player: (click to enlarge!)

One Thought on “Wedding tomorrow!

  1. Took me a minute to realize which sister you meant…
    I was like, ‘Wait…what? Is this some old post that got moved to the top somehow? Because Miriah’s BEEN married….?’
    And then it clicked when i saw Ringl’s pic.

    Also, off topic, but i’ve you’ve read ‘The Name of the Wind’
    Go here and read this, then MAKE SURE you read Patrick’s take on teh fight
    it’s hilarious.

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