The Sun on my Side

I was so excited today when the weather finally cooperated with my outdoor plans! It was like the perfect storm, only the opposite – the perfect outdoor day. For my birthday my parents gave me the choice of either getting a new tool, or 2 trees of my choice. Since I got a circular saw from Stephen (yes, I got a tool from my husband TO me, not the other way around), I decided I would go after the tree that I have been seeing everywhere and loving: a Bradford Pear tree

See how happy I am :)   I love planting !!

Also, I learned that I am in dire need of some good gardening gloves. Yard work tears up the hands, and shovels are just cruel to the skin…

I’m really excited about the placement of tree #1.  The window behind me is the office window, so when I look outside when sitting at our soon-to-be-completed-super-awesome-desk i will get to stare at this:

I am so ready for Spring to be in full bloom, and my bradford pear tree too :)

What about you guys. Any favorite things about Spring? Maybe you aren’t a gardener but lean more towards cooking, sports, or last-minute tax filing.  All I know is that in the Ringl house the taxes are done, and the gardening has just begun.

4 Thoughts on “The Sun on my Side

  1. Ultimate….in this weather…..

  2. A ‘pear’ tree that doesnt produce pears?!?!?! Thats like a diary cow that produces no milk, a McDonalds that produces no burgers, Cookie Dough ice cream with no cookie dough, a Goonie without any treasure… BLASPHEMY!!!

  3. although it is a pretty tree :)

  4. Delana on March 19, 2010 at 6:38 am said:

    I am so jealous! I just discovered those tree’s yesterday and they are beautiful! I cant wait to get started in our yard tomorrow! :)

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