Weekend Assembly

Last night while watching some episodes of  “The X Files”  I got a big grin on my face when I looked across the den to this:

Aren’t they wonderful!!!  I know, they look amazing. Can you be in love with furniture?!  I hope so…

Over the weekend Stephen and I made a trip to Target and he happily obliged with my idea of getting the bookshelves I’ve been drooling over for a year now.   I still want to make some bookshelves, we have 2 other rooms that are in need of some lovely shelving!

You know the most exciting part when I put the bookshelves together?  The hardware package.  I know, I know, usually the hardware is the worst part of home furniture assembly, but not these beauties.  They came with individually wrapped, numbered boxes that are detailed to follow each instruction page.  It was beautiful!

See these individual boxes – they were my best friend on Saturday.  I enjoyed boxed furniture assembly!  Thank you Target bookshelf packagers, you kept me from mumbling some unfriendly 4-letter words.  You know like darn or poot   ;)

While ogling our glorious new den items I was floored when Agent Mulder mentioned the year that season 1 of The X-Files was done.  1994 people – what the heck?!?!  I watched that show when I was 10! No wonder I have weird dreams…

7 Thoughts on “Weekend Assembly

  1. awesome! you got them! :) :) :) they look great. i love how they are like.. 1 centimeter from overlapping the blinds. they are the perfect size. you gonna leave the hope chest therE?

  2. They look AMAZING! You just need a beautiful set of curtains and that area rug. I’m handy on the sewing machine, FYI. Seriously, so great!

  3. Melissa on February 17, 2010 at 2:57 pm said:

    they look great! I know exactly what you are talking about with the individually wrapped hardware. When Nathan and I put ours together, it was fabulous… only he didn’t discover the boxes were individually labeled until halfway through. Nevertheless, it makes it so much easier. You’re doing so well with this home makeover thing!!!!

  4. ;) :0 :) Smiles, OOOOOOO AHHHHH I am so happy that you have another part of your beautiful home in place. JOY!!! Hugs!! Mom

  5. that position your sitting in looks HORRIBLY uncomfortable… i think i can hear your knees screaming in agony from here…

    and yes, as everyone says, the shelves look great…

  6. I have some home projects that Mom needs help with, you free this weekend?

  7. I don’t think you’re weird – not at all! In fact we are a band of merry men and women who love furniture assembly. Want to come and join us? :-) You could be the American operation!

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