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Are you guys window shoppers?  Do you like to cruise aisles and make mental notes of things you like or don’t like?  Perhaps you are an online screen-shopper. Not so much with windows and walking, but with a comfy couch and computer in your grasp.  Either way, online or on the sidewalk, I am a fan of window shopping!  I usually keep an out on for things I think would look great in our home.  Other times I see something that happens to be on sale and I begin telling Stephen all the wonderful things we could do with it.   He’s great at talking me back into reality, or knowing which times we really should go with my idea and purchase the awesome find!    Which brings me to my most recent “talk back to reality”:

This beauty is on sale at Target, down from $89 to $75.  I know, how the heck is $75 a SALE price right? Compared to the $89 price tag I stare at every time I visit her at Target, the $14 difference made me excited… but I just can’t fathom the idea of spending that much, especially since I want 2 of them.

I have been on the search for these bookcases, or ones similar, since before we moved into the new house.  I have the perfect plan for them, and now I’m just waiting for the perfect price tag.

That’s when I thought about something a bit more on the DIY level.  What if  I tried to build bookcases?!  I know, it sounds crazy, but I’m totally serious!  Okay, maybe this is more of an Extreme DIY.  Like Extreme Home Makeover, only without the bottomless budget/donations and crew of volunteers & professionals.   It would be an adventure, and you know I love a good before-after.  Hopefully an adventure that doesn’t make me cry, and doesn’t prove to me that I am not the Carpenter I believe I can be (yes, I dream of being a carpenter, it’s my perfect stay-at-home dream job!)

I can’t be too bad, can I?  After all,  it’s in the Wells blood side of me.  My Papa is an amazing carpenter and craftsman. He’s built things with his hands for as long as I’ve known him, and they always turn out wonderful. From docks, decks, fences and my hope chest I got for my 16th birthday – to the very CABIN that he lives in!  That gets passed down in the blood and genes, right?!  My dad is the same way, a tool-belt wearing, skilled with wood building kinda-guy (okay, he doesn’t really wear a tool belt, or often anyways).  I’m hoping it isn’t a “men are born with it” kinda thing, but is instead a family-trait that I’ve had forever and am just now fixing to discover!

Let’s solve this right and do the  math…

If my Papa is the first Wells carpenter, that gives him 100% awesome’ness  (yes, he’s that good!)
My dad is next in line, skilled at an equal 100%
(which I’m sure he will say he’s less, but I’ve learned to ignore such silly thoughts)
So, if I’m 3rd,  100 and 100 = 100 !!  I did that math correctly, right?!?!

Now we just have to hope that you can use basic addition and made up percentages to come up with a genetically-passed down Skill…

If not, there’s always this helpful website I found:

Cassie, You-Can-Do-It <—– click on it

It’s a website put together by a mom that had an idea that I am ALL about.  Living on a budget isn’t always easy, especially when you want nice furniture on that budget, so let’s fix that problem.  Time to build us some furniture people!  It’s time to get out that tool belt and build (birthday idea, hint hint!!!)  ;)

I know it’s grandiose to think I can do something so intricate and detailed, but if you don’t have a BIG dream, what’s the point.  I would love for my Papa to teach me some of his skills, so I’m praying that he has a complete recovery from his recent back surgeries and that he and I can have a carpenter-in-training weekend!  He can teach me some of his experienced secrets and ways to cut corners ;)  hehe  That’s me – always thinking about shortcuts.  You know what though,  Shortcuts aren’t Carpentry – and this is something I want so badly that I will give up my procrastinating, last-minute, impatient ways for!  Wow, I’m actually voicing these thoughts out loud to people other than Stephen… I guess that means I have to get serious about it.  Wish me luck!

4 Thoughts on “A new level of DIY

  1. wheew. Good luck. if it goes well, I may send you what I want for Cmas early :) so you have time to build it.


  2. “I know it’s grandiose to think I can do something so intricate and detailed” <~~ Did YOU write this sentence all by yourself? Grandiose? Intricate? You been studying the dictionary lately kiddo? That's not a blonde sentence…

    And I'm all for the homemade furniture, as long as my role is to sit back and wait for pictures… I'd love to see how much of the 'skill' did get passed down…

  3. I guess my hair getting darker these past few years has helped my brain keep & absorb more information… punk!

  4. Grandma Iva on February 21, 2010 at 8:24 pm said:

    Go for it girl. We probably have books with instructions, if you are interested – But the thing is you’ll have to come visit to get them. Love you, Grandma Iva

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