Bed, part 2

With my previous post showing you how wonderfully our bed turned out I thought I should let you in on Step2 for our room.  Here’s what we’ve got so far:

Bed – Check
Attractive Bedding – Check
Extra Storage – Check
Headboard – …

That’s right, next on the checklist is a headboard. Not just any headboard either, an upholstered headboard!  Something that will make sitting up in bed comfortable.  Since our bed didn’t come with a headboard (and we haven’t had one for quite some time), I believe it is high time to change that!   It’s a weekend project that I hope we can tackle soon, and if this rain would a take chill pill that would be great!

Here are a few idea’s I’ve found browsing the web:

I  REALLY like this one!
I wouldn’t go dark brown, but the simplicity, formality, and comfort of it is what I’m shooting for

I go back and forth if I like the height of this one.  I think I do… but do I?!?!
hah, see what I mean, it’s a mind-game I’m currently battling

Something clean and simple. It has nice lines, which I like

Pretty & Homemade (with a DIY tutorial online for step-by-step instructions)!
The edging that  is so attractive is actually just molding you can get from any home improvement store  (score!!!)

I have to say, I absolutely LOVE this bed.  Everything about it!  The colors are just perfect
It looks so comfortable I just want to jump in it and take a nap right this moment :)

This piece is full of drama. While I would go a COMPLETELY different color,
the height is fun. Doesn’t it looks ultra soft for your head to lean on while reading a good book?!!

There ya go.  Those are my current “inspirations”.  Now I get to wait for Stephen to show me which ones we should nix off the list.  I have a feeling the one right above isn’t gonna make the cut – but I still wanted to show you.   It’s so Victorian and busy with all that gold, but we’re looking at the structure and framing of the headboard, not the walls-of-drapes.  What do you think?!  Do any of them stand out to you? Have you ever made your own headboard? What about upholstery?!  Any upholstering experts out there that would like to visit one weekend soon?   I’ll make brownies!!  ;)

2 Thoughts on “Bed, part 2

  1. well i may be on my own here, but the one you love so much, that you said you could dive into right now, well of course you do… am i the only one that was immediately sucked into the view OUTSIDE the window in that one? i think i see julie andrews running across the field singing…

    and on the 2nd one, yes, the headboard is way to high… IMO

  2. Grandma Iva on February 21, 2010 at 2:48 pm said:

    Go girl. You are really getting into the domestic scene. I like that. Love, Grandma Iva

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