Things to Remember

Memories of 2009:


  • 1 Year Anniversary
  • Had a Good-Bye Party for our great friends Shaw and JD


  • Road Trip to New Orleans celebrating Mardi Gras and then to Houston, TX  visiting friends



  • Got a stationary bike to get in shape


  • 2 Wedding Showers, 2 Girl Parties, and 1 Wedding Weekend
  • Made a Wand for fun (disclaimer: no witchcraftery or harming of animals took place during this event)


  • Celebrated Fathers Day AND my Dad’s 5? Birthday ;)


  • Friend Stephen Shaw flew in and surprised us!
  • Finally started framing our Wedding Pictures!
  • Got inspired to do some Project hacking (aka, see an expensive decor idea & do it yourself!)
    • pictures here and here (the 2nd pic is the one my friend Kelly did, DIY style)


  • Went to Biloxi for a Family Birthday Celebration, Luau style!
  • My Little Bro had a bday
  • Discovered the Amazing Joy of having a LapDesk for the laptop!


  • Went on vacation to Orlando with friends Brandon and Krista:  pictures here, here, and here
  • Had offer accepted on a House!!
  • Started the website Re-Design


  • Packed up the Townhouse and moved stuff into storage
  • Sanded my first table for a much needed Re-Do
  • Moved out of the townhouse and in with Cassie’ parents for “3-4 days”
  • Put a NEW offer in on a new house


  • Got to see friends Matt,  Elise, and Melissa when they came to town
  • Closing got pushed back on House
  • “3-4 Days” at Cassie’s parents now totaling at 6 weeks
  • Celebrated Thanksgiving with friends and family
  • My sister and her hubby bought a house!!


  • Helped the sister paint the new Home
  • Stephen started Website Redesign!!
  • Decorated the Ringl House
  • Hosted our 1st Party at the House (pictures to come)
  • Lastly, celebrating the New Year with great friends is on the agenda :)

Overall it has been a crazy year. We have had a lot of fun times with friends and family, which I was able to share with all of you through the website.  While the past 6 months have been really tough, it has really strengthened our marriage and has helped encourage us to put our complete trust in Christ.  We really just want to thank all of you for being such wonderful people. God has given us some fantastic friends and family and we couldn’t ask for more. I really hope you all have enjoyed of 2009 and look forward to the things to come in 2010.

Have a safe and happy New Years Eve!!    See ya next year   ;-)

One Thought on “Things to Remember

  1. wellsklan on December 31, 2009 at 4:47 pm said:

    Awesome posting, great way to review your wonderful year with the ups and downs. God is Good all the time! Love Y’all Darling, looking forward to a Blessed 2010. – Dad

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