So Fresh and so… Shaded?!

On one of our recent Home Depot runs I was left with an important decision. A decision that would alter our very lives. Stephen asked me to decide, you ready for this … our bathroom window blinds.  Crazy right?!  Such a big decision to make for such a small’ish person. These blinds will grace my eyes every single day in our home!  When I brush my teeth in the morning and then again when I brush my teeth before bed.  When you think about it, the bathroom is a pretty regular-visited spot.  I mean we all have to  shower, check the scale, tweeze our eyebrows – you know, that sorta stuff.

So on yet another rainy-night visit… Oh, by the way,  it has seriously rained EVERYDAY since we moved.  I haven’t been able to walk around our new huge yard yet!   How are we supposed to have an awesomely-fun bonfire if it won’t quit drizzling drops from the sky?!?!  Okay, back to the story… it was yet another rainy night and we were in need of our last set of blinds, or BB as I call them (you know, bathroom blinds). After all,  no one wants a peeping tom through that window,  Yikes!  We are looking around and decide that we want to go with a ‘shade’ instead of the normal horizontal blind. Then comes the next question: What  type or color?!   Well, we are keeping with our bathrooms brown theme and are stuck between two.  We tested them for the usual blind needs: light transparency, durability, speed of closure – you know, the usual.  So after what seemed like 2 minutes to me and 20 years to Stephen we made a decision.

Which do you think we chose:  Option A (the top)  or Option B  (the bottom) ?!?!


Well if you said Option A you are absolutely WRONG!  Haha, got ya didn’t I?!?!  We actually decided to go with Option B, the bottom shade you see in the picture there.  It’s a great color and we are loving the look it adds to our #1, or is it #2, room?!?!   Hey-O   Just kidding people – I couldn’t resist myself  :)

So there ya have it, you now know that we spent more time on our bathroom window covering than ALL the other windows in our house.

Now we just need to work on making Home Depot ‘lists’.  Stephen would be so happy if we would cut it down to a weekly trip.  Heck, what can I say, we are LOVING every second of  homeownership.  Plus, let’s be honest,  I would go to Home Depot every night if  he would let me :)

One Thought on “So Fresh and so… Shaded?!

  1. oh it’s definitely the #2 room… for many reasons… i usually refer to it as the battle room… afterall, i do declare war a few times a day in there…

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