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With our closing date quickly approaching I am starting to think about home-projects. First of course is the furniture layout. At this moment I haven’t a clue where we are going to put out stuff, I think once we get in there I will be able to fit everything into it’s perfect spot.  Plus, with a quick investment into some of these furniture sliders I will be able to move things around when I change my mind (without having to bug Stephen about it)!
People have asked me if I have paint colors picked out, and I honestly haven’t even thought about it yet!  I have a feeling once we get into the house and “wear it in” I will easily come up with idea’s of how I’d like each room to feel and look.    That thought process led me to try out this quiz I found on a website I enjoy…  What is my style?!?!


This section seems pretty on-key. I am a very casual person, and I personally enjoy a nice relaxed environment, especially in my own home.  I don’t like super bright colors (at least on walls), and I try to be creatively laid-back. I don’t want to shock people with my “nifty ideas”, but I do want to incorporate a personal touch into my surroundings :)

style to work

Okay, I can go with this conclusion. I don’t really collect anything like some women do, but I do enjoy finding a good deal and making it work.  I really enjoy searching Goodwill and Waterfront Mission for a good deal. I can find something kinda on the ugly side and spice it up with a simple coat of paint and it looks GREAT and brand new!


Gotta be honest, I don’t really agree with these paint choices for me. They are a little too on the orange side for me… but other than that the quiz was pretty on key.
Curious about your own personal style?!?!  Here’s the link to try it out for yourself. Happy Styling!

p.s.  I really wanted to title this post “Styling and Profiling”, but when I told Stephen he gave me “the look” or “a look” or well, his face did something funny!  Anyway, I changed it to something boring. Love you babe ;)

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