Ida’s a-comin’!

With hurricane (tropical storm?) Ida expected to make landfall tomorrow, I have to do some last minute preparing!


Here’s my checklist:

  1. fill up on gasdone on my way to work this morning!
  2. get batteriesif I need extras I’ll pull them out of the wii remotes
  3. waterit’s raining… I’ll set out some pots and let mother nature bring the water to me
  4. stock up on canned goodsnot neccesary, still have a years worth of blueberry pie filling from my Y2K stockpile
  5. refill flintstones vitamins prescription – almost out!
  6. pork rinds! – I still have 10 or 12 bags, but what if there’s a post-hurricane shortage?
  7. charge gameboy batteriesbetter find my mario golf game too!
  8. get some cardboard boxes – in case I need to build a fort
  9. cashjust get more pork rinds! then I can just barter for anything I need! genius!
  10. duct tape the windows on the Vue – I don’t have any duct tape… I wonder if scotch tape will do?
  11. cross stuff off hurricane preparedness checklist – makes me feel productive!

Well I’m just about ready! Remember: your hurricane preparedness checklist is to be completed before the hurricane gets here! (you only make that mistake once!) And don’t forget your gameboy!


2 Thoughts on “Ida’s a-comin’!

  1. well… at least you have a fort to store all the pork rinds in now…

  2. LOL. How could you forget to refill your flintstone vitamins????!!!

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