A zombie-themed short story told through haiku:

The dead are rising!
Lock your doors! Board up windows!
Wait for the Army…

Ten days without help.
Open a window to search:
Shouldn’t have done that…

The house is under seige
To the basement, or the roof?
This place reeks of death.

Stoke a hot fire
Now quick! Up to the rooftop!
And hope someone sees.

Okay…. that was weird…

A note: I’m feeling that this is not the usual content that is posted to, but if you’re interested in crazy writing experiments like this, let me know. I can never schedule when things like this crop up in my mind, but I’m more than willing to share!

4 Thoughts on “Escape

  1. Way to leave a brotha hangin… What happens?

    Do the zombies dine?
    Or do you escape and live?
    Did they learn to climb?

    You still on the roof?
    Or did a buffet ensue?
    Zombies chip a tooth?

    Zombies making love?
    Baby zombies running wild?
    You still hide above?

    Zombie families rise?
    Learn to put the house fire out?
    Eating Ring’l pies?

    My vote? More zombie tales on this website… whats a website without zombies? Speaking of which, we should go catch Zombieland this weekend!

  2. on a side note, notice MY haiku’s rhyme… dare i say i’m the superior haiku’er…. you’re the inferior haiku’ee…

  3. Okay I was impressed with the initial zombie haiku… but I gotta say… Matt is the superior haiku’er….
    I’m so lame I actually sat here and counted syllables to make sure they were truly haikus!

  4. Oh yeah… and Zombieland ROCKED! I <3 Woody Harrleson…

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