Dad Day

This past Sunday was a great Father’s Day. We started with a spaghetti lunch at my parents, followed by dad opening cards and eating delicious blue bell ice cream. After we went to Stephen’s parents and spent some time hanging out (playing with puppies) and showing our love through a fun (and totally hilarious) present.

I hope all you dad’s out there had a great Father’s Day. Obviously there is no way to ever express our love and respect to you in one day, or with a card/gift, but it’s nice to know that a day is dedicated to letting dad’s know how much they are needed and appreciated.  I love you dad. Thank you for being the man you are, and for raising me to be the woman, and now wife, I have become.

Now for some digital imagery:

cassie-ri-dad cassie-ri-matt-jason

all-kids-and-dad dad-rocks-card

This is dad w/ his 2 daughters, then all 4 kids, then all 6 kids (minus Helena who couldn’t make it). Also, that is the card I made my dad – he loves his rocking chair (and love doesn’t even begin to express how much). Excuse my lack of ability to draw correct lines at an angle (i’m far from being a decent artist).

fathers-day-005 fathers-day-007

fathers-day-0081 fathers-day-009

That was the gift for my dad-in-law’s “mans room” (which he converted after Stephen moved out). It is a very “manly” flexing light switch cover. It’s certainly the most insane and out-there light switch I’ve ever seen. He loved it, so it was a great find, thanks Goodwill !!

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  1. mateo on June 24, 2009 at 7:07 am said:

    is the light switch the… ahh nevermind. That’s hilarious!

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