the sniffer

I don’t know about you folks out there, but I myself have a very good sense of smell. Of all my senses I would say it’s probably my strongest. Now while this can be a good thing, in context to food, fires, and such it can also be used against me (thanks to a husband that likes tto generate smells for me to “enjoy”)
As a wedding present I was asked what my favorite cologne on Stephen was. While he isn’t really much of a cologne guy I immediately answered with ‘John Wilson’.  No that is not a brand, John Wilson is my cousin, he married Angie (my mom’s sister’s daughter). Everytime I’m around John he smells Amazing!!  So  as a wedding present from my mom’s family they got me a gift basket and a certain cologne was in the package…which I get to enjoy to this day thanks to them!

So now I would like to present a brief advertisement (and advice to all your guys out there):


There ya have it, Gio Armani “Gio”.  All you ladies out there, if you want a special someone smelling oh-so-good, buy it!  For all you guys out there, if you need help finding that special ‘someone’ go grab a bottle and spritz yourself – women will come like crazy ;)

Disclaimer: This is not a paid advertisement. I am not an actor. Results vary, and may not actually be typical.

One Thought on “the sniffer

  1. mattttttttttt on June 21, 2009 at 9:04 am said:

    i wonder if somewhere out there in the world, there’s a girl who, when asked what smells she likes or what her favorite fragrance is, immediately thinks of two small words: Matt Wells

    whether there is or isn’t, i have an entire arsenal of different smells that i share with the world on a daily basis… as of now, geo isn’t one of them… maybe i’ll add it to the mix

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