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This past Thursday I had some free time between errands so I was able to visit some of my favorite stores. I went by Goodwill, Waterfront Mission, and a new Habitat for Humanity store. After browsing and searching  through items I was able to find a few frames that I saw potential in.
After a trip to walmart for some spraypaint, and digging up my old scrapbooking cardstock I was able to begin my next project: Ringl Wall Decor.  Because I am a huge fan of the color blue my mom helped me decide on a tone that wasn’t screaming “the beach” or “baby boy’s first room”.  Half an hour later I was throwing down newspaper and trying out Global Blue.  Thankfully Florida has let up on the humidity this week so they dried within 20 minutes and I was able to move indoors for step 2: matting the frame.  Around this time Stephen got home, finding all my supplies spread across the living room floor :)   He got comfy on the couch and let me bug him with my ‘should I use this light cream color or white’ questions (which he loooves, hah).  A few hours later, and several online episodes of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ for Stephen, I completed DIY Project #2.  
Now, here is a step-by-step visual of how it went down:

Step 1:  Purchase Frames (you can see they aren’t all the same color, but size is pretty accurate)

Step 2:  Spray Paint (or paint) the frames w/ a protective barrier underneath to prevent damage

Step 3:  Begin matting frames w/ color(s) of choice, and securing photos into place
(the grin, as shown, can occur when things are going well. however, frustration can happen so just think of something funny or go grab a snack and that’ll cheer ya right up!)

Step 4: One-by-One you will complete your frames and joy will overflow your body (as well as a possible backache, posture is important!)

…keep going until you have completed all your frames, so you can say something like ‘dang, I’m awesome’ or ‘look important persons name, after a year and a half of marriage I finally have some of our wedding pictures framed’

Step 5: Observe your work

Finally, Step 6: Hang frames and enjoy!
(I put both pictures so you can see they are going ‘up the staircase’ … I’m still deciding if I like it)

Well there ya have it, completed DIY Project #2.  If you have any ideas on what I should do next drop me a comment, I’m looking for ideas to keep me busy and hobby-focused :)

To finish I will provide a tip for anyone out there that wants to try something like this for themself. I was a lucky lady that Stephen let me spring for the good stuff instead of double-sided tape:  
This stuff is great!!

3 Thoughts on “$2 Decor

  1. Big Brother on June 14, 2009 at 9:36 am said:

    I must admit, I’m impressed… Saved yourself some dough doing the whole thing as well…

    As to ideas for new hobbies, check this out, I seem to remember a similar question from the recently deceased warptubes.com:

  2. Cass really has done a great job with the decorating! The pictures don’t do it justice and to get the full effect everyone needs to come by and check it out!


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