DIY Project 1

With graduating this past December I have had a lot more free time than I am used to. With the lack of usual papers to write and studying to do I have been trying to find things I enjoy doing. Is it weird that at age 25 I am just finding out what I enjoy doing…?
With this schedule change I have recently had a lot of creative juices flowing with no outlet. In recent posts I have been talking about my excitement for finding hobbies, and wanting to tackle new projects, such as my garden and wand-making (hmm, that is kinda nerdy sounding).  Well, a little over a month ago I sold our bedroom dresser and have been searching for a new one.  After weeks of searching I finally found one on Monday :)  This is absolutely wonderful news to me, going a month with no dresser has been rather interesting, with clothing piles building all over the place!
On Wednesday Stephen was sweet enough to pick up the dresser on his way home from work. Moving it upstairs was interesting (the sucker is solid wood which is a bit on the heavy side).  After positioning it into it’s perfect spot I told Stephen we had to wait before filling it.  The liners in it were a bit… how should I say, “not my style”.  Since Thursday is my day off it was perfect timing for me to find a fun project.  And now, ladies and gentlemen, here is what went down:
Dresser Before

+ a great pattern


= Great looking dresser drawers


& A Very Pleased Dresser Owner


Well there ya have it, my first DIY Project.  I mentioned earlier that Thursdays are my day off so I was able to hit up some thrift stores. I got a few good finds and had a very productive Thursday, so be looking for a DIY Project 2 post this weekend!

2 Thoughts on “DIY Project 1

  1. mateo on June 12, 2009 at 3:47 pm said:

    your right, you ARE a nerd…
    a very grown up nerd… is that a grey hair i see??

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