puppies puppies everywhere

This past week I was excited to learn that 4 newbies joined the Ringl family. On Sunday Stephen’s parents brought home a brother and sister, and let me tell ya, they are just loving their new place. Presenting to you, Beauty and Beast:

puppies-guitar-hero-hubby-001       beast2       bro-sis

So there ya have it, Beauty and Beast!  Now believe it or not even more fun continues. I know who would have thought it could get better…. Valerie, my sis-in-law, and her bf Kyle got 2 puppies also!!!  Who would think it, 4 brothers and sisters staying together?!  It’s GREAT (plus major fun for me, I get to play with them but don’t have to do the ‘dirty work’)  ;)

So presenting:  Chloe and Harvey (a.k.a. two face)

puppies-guitar-hero-hubby-011       puppies-guitar-hero-hubby-015       puppies-guitar-hero-hubby-020

aren’t they just adorable??  Now last we have me, loving on Beauty (in lap) and Beast:


I’m sure fun stories will come about from these new family members. Until then, it’s time to go find that Klondike Bar I hear calling me from the freezer !!

One Thought on “puppies puppies everywhere

  1. mateo on June 11, 2009 at 5:25 am said:

    R U serious? 4 puppies?! All at once?! Wow… When you say ‘dirty work’, you arent joking… Allow the pooping to commence!

    BTW, R U losing weight, cuz u look xtra tiny in a lot of pictures lately

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