Pensacola at it's finest

Florida is known by most as the Sunshine State. Full of beaches, palm trees and fruity drinks with umbrellas. I’m sure tv, brochures, postcards and spring break vacations have a lot to do with this common misconception.  Sadly, this is not completely accurate. Where there are beaches there is humidity. Where there are palm trees there are beaches, therefore there is humidity. Where there are fruity drinks with umbrellas there are usually palm trees, on the beach, surrounded by massive amounts of obnoxious humidity! 
I am telling you these facts so you can understand just how joyously wonderful it is when Florida has a rain/humid-free day, or if I’m lucky, week.  This past weekend we had such a day!  On Saturday my friend Sara and I went out to the beach and it was AMAZING. It was slightly overcast with low wind, so it was a humid and sweat-free visit to the beach.   Here are some pictures to show you the wonderful trip we had on a humid-free saturday at the beach. 





Thank the Lord for a much-needed beach visit !!

2 Thoughts on “Pensacola at it's finest

  1. MOM on May 5, 2009 at 6:11 pm said:

    Hey, you two are absolutely beach beauties. You made the beach a beautiful place to be by being there. Must have been GREAT! Love ya!

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