Long-distance Family

Living in Pensacola, like most cities, has it’s pros and cons. For example-
Pro: Beach                              Pro: Family                           Pro: Small town feel
Con: Massive Humidity        Con: Only some family      Con: Entertainment of a small town

Now this list could go on and on, but I am only going to focus on just one of those mentioned.  One thing Stephen and I LOVE about being in Pensacola is the fact that both of our parents live here. Even more of a plus is that our sibilings are here too!  Stephen’s sister Valerie is here, my brother Jason, and my sister Miriah and her hubby Jeff.  However, we are missing quite a large piece of the family tree.


My older brother Matt and wife Helena are on the East Coast of Florida in St. Augustine. While that doesn’t seem like a big deal since it is in the same state, let me show you a little math.
From Pensacola to St. Augustine is about 400 miles from our front door. That equals to over 6 hours driving (or shorter, depending on how much you like to speed). 
To go on a weekend visit, leaving after work on Friday, we would arrive around 12:00 in the morning (this number is derived from experience).
We would hangout and visit on Saturday, the same Sunday morning and then would need to leave by around 2:00-3:00 if we want to be back before 9pm Sunday night. 
So, technically that is:
-16 hours of driving
-around 20 hours of visiting (w/ 8 hours of sleep both nights).
All of that around a 48 hour/2-day time period!     
It doesn’t seem like a long trip when it’s put into numbers like that, but It is definitely worth it since we rarely get to see them. The time always flies by everytime we are together!

While I do get to talk to Matt on the phone quite a bit, the most common communication is from random text messages stating things like:  “you are a big nerd”,    “how many inches are in a yard”, followed by  “are you absolutely sure”,  “how do you fend off a bear that is attacking your car”  and other ordinary conversations.  He gets pretty bored driving around the southeast for work, so random phone conversations are a fun part of our relationship.  Thinking about it just makes me realize how much I miss having them around.  With that note, since I don’t like to get sappy on here, I’m gonna go ahead and end this thing.  So to all of our long-distance family, in Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, and Arizona, we miss you all !!

2 Thoughts on “Long-distance Family

  1. mateo on April 28, 2009 at 5:16 pm said:

    is this my darling baby sister smooching with my behind? :) i dig…

    ACTUALLY, its about 5.5 hours of driving, for a grand total of 11 hours driving… that’s 5 more hours of wells family fun… or i guess wells/ringl family fun…

    are you implying that my text messages aren’t ordinary?? hogwash!

  2. CousinEpoo on April 30, 2009 at 1:46 pm said:

    Ya know I was so excited when you were supposed to be moving to Orlando but then you squashed my dreams!
    You would have only been 45 minutes away from us!
    (and did I mention closer to your retarded older brother? :-D)

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